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Biennial Evaluation Report - FY 93-94

Chapter 123

Drug-Free Schools and Communities Emergency Grants Program

(CFDA No. 84.233A)


Legislation: Section 5136 of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act of 1986, as amended (20 U.S.C. 3261) (expires September 30, 1999).

Purpose: To provide assistance to local education agencies (LEAs) that demonstrate significant need for additional assistance for purposes of combating drug and alcohol abuse by students served by such agencies.

Funding History

Fiscal Year Appropriation 1/
1990 $24,688,000
1991 24,331,000
1992 30,304,000
1993 24,552,000
1994 24,552,000
1/ Funds for the Emergency Grants Program in FY 1990 were appropriated and administered through the State and Local Grants Program (CFDA No. 84.186, Chapter 115). Thereafter, funds have been competitively awarded to LEAs.

II. Program Information and Analysis

Population Targeting and Services

In FY 1993, the Department of Education funded 61 grants at an average of $402,492. Funded projects include:

Program Administration

Since FY 1991, this program has operated as a grants competition. Projects are funded for up to 2 years. Awards were made to 28 States and the District of Columbia in FY 1993.

III. Sources of Information

  1. Program files.

IV. Planned Studies


V. Contacts for Further Information

Program Operations:
Madeline Bosma, (202) 260-3748

Program Studies:
Susan Thompson-Hoffman, (202) 401-3630

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