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FY 1999 Annual Plan - Volume 1. Objective Performance Plans and Data Quality - February 27, 1998

Use of tax expenditures

In addition to the many programs that ED administers, tax expenditures targeted for educational benefits also significantly support the objectives of the ED Strategic Plan in 1999. While they are under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Treasury, the postsecondary education tax credits and deductions authorized by the Balanced Budget and Taxpayer Relief Acts of 1997 and the proposed School Modernization Bonds support several Department of Education objectives.

Elementary and secondary schools

This proposed interest-free bond program would support Objective 1.3: Schools are strong, safe, disciplined, and drug-free.

Postsecondary education

All of the following tax credits, deductions, and forgiveness provisions were recently authorized by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 or the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. All support Objective 3.2: Postsecondary students receive the financial aid and support services they need to enroll in and complete their educational program. The Lifelong Leaning tax credit and employer-provided higher education assistance tax deduction also support Objective 3.4: Adults can strengthen their skills and improve their earning power over their lifetime through lifelong learning.

Expanded opportunities to save for college

Help for postsecondary students

Tax relief for borrowers repaying loans


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