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FY 1999 Annual Plan - Volume 1. Objective Performance Plans and Data Quality - February 27, 1998

Objective 4.2. Our partners have the support and flexibility they need without diminishing accountability for results.

Context: When the Nation's governors, including then-governor Bill Clinton, met at the 1989 Education Summit at Charlottesville, Virginia, a top priority was to secure greater flexibility in the administration of federal education programs in exchange for greater accountability for improved student achievement. Under President Clinton, the Department has worked hard to remove statutory and regulatory impediments to innovative education reforms, while continuing to ensure protection of basic civil rights and the proper expenditure of taxpayer dollars.

Key strategies for FY 1999

Selected performance indicators and charts

The number of states participating in the Cooperative Audit Resolution and Oversight Initiative (CAROI) will increase from 10 to 25. (Goal 4, indicator 9)

Indicator background and context. The CAROI process links program, finance, auditing, and legal staffs at the federal and state levels to foster better use of auditing, monitoring, and technical assistance.

Data source. U.S. Department of Education administrative records.

Customers will increasingly report that they have greater flexibility and better understanding of rules and requirements of education programs. (Goal 4, indicator 6)

Indicator background and context. In order to use the flexibility now available in federal education programs, educators must first understand this flexibility and the options it provides.

Data source. "Reports on Reform from the Field: District and State Survey Results, Final Report." The Urban Institute, 1997.

Verification/validation of performance measures: Program monitoring activities will explicitly address coordination and flexibility issues and will be independently verified by program evaluations at State, district, school and institutional levels conducted through the Planning and Evaluation Service.


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