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Office of Educational Research and Improvement
U.S. Department of Education

Summer 1999

Richard W. Riley
U.S. Secretary of Education

Marshall S. Smith
Acting U.S. Deputy Secretary of Education

Terry K. Peterson
Counselor to the Secretary

Adriana de Kanter
After-School Advisor

"We must make sure that every child has a safe and enriching place to go afterschool, say no to drugs and alcohol and crime, and yes to reading, soccer, computers, and a brighter future for themselves."

-- President Clinton

"The period of time between the school bell and the factory whistle is a most vulnerable time for children. These are hours when children are more likely to engage in at-risk behavior and are more vulnerable to the dangers that still exist in too many neighborhoods and communities."

-- Vice President Gore


"We must get serious about offering youth safe and smart afterschool opportunities. For our children who need extra help with learning --let's provide it. Youth in afterschool programs earn better grades, watch less television and develop new skills and interests. For our children who need safe places to go, let's keep school doors open after the school day ends so youth have a place in the community to go and benefit from computers, tutoring, school libraries, music, art and supervised recreation. With opportunities like these, young people in afterschool programs are more likely to stay out of trouble and learn more."

--U.S. Secretary of Education
Richard W. Riley

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