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Achieving the Goals: Goal 1--All Children in America Will Start School Ready to Learn

National Science Foundation

Systematic reform of mathematics, science, and technology education clearly needs to address the preschool and early childhood education of all children, as well as involved parents and care givers every step of the way. NSF, through the Division of Elementary, Secondary, and Informal Education has been expanding its program activities at the end of the age spectrum, so that children come to school ready to learn in elementary school.

Opportunities to learn and develop skills in early childhood for all children can provide a level playing field for them as they enter the formal schooling system. It is this belief that encourages NSF to support innovative activities designed for children in these early years.

Playtime is Science

"Playtime is Science", focused on preschool and early childhood science education, impacts the very foundation of all school science education activities wherever it is implemented.

This innovative parent/child physical science NSF supported education program is designed to increase the science literacy, both of young children (ages 4-7) and of significant adults in their lives. It has been singularly effective in turning parents into science enthusiasts and advocates, where a lack of confidence in the subject area previously prevailed. "Playtime" was piloted in many sites nationally, and is now in 77 school and early childhood centers.

Please Touch Museum

A project for preschool science and mathematics at the Please Touch museum in Philadelphia is supported by NSF. Other museums throughout the country have hands-on exhibits targeted to preschool children.

"CRO" Television Show

Television shows such as the cartoon show "CRO", supported by NSF, on ABC, make young children aware of science and (the very basic) scientific concepts.

Contact person:
Lida Barret,
Senior Staff Associate for Planning, Coordination and Cross Directorate Program,
National Science Foundation,
4201 Wilson Boulevard,
Arlington, VA 22230.
(703) 306-1650.

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