Improving Education: The View from Jones Elementary School

Take a look into a school where students face many obstacles to learning, and see how teachers and the school principal work together to encourage their students to succeed. It’s a remarkable success story.

Behind the Scenes with Jones Elementary School Teachers

Teachers at Jones Elementary School work together to provide students with the best educational experience possible. Their interest in growing together as educators shows in their meaningful collaboration. Get to know a few of the Jones Elementary School teachers in our behind-the-scenes clips below!

Justin Minkel

Justin is a first grade teacher at Jones Elementary School. His interest in focusing on student strengths in order to encourage student growth has helped him become a better teacher. Learn more about Justin in this behind-the-scenes clip.

Mindy Epp

Mindy is a third grade teacher at Jones Elementary School. Over her 8.5 year teaching career at Jones, Mindy has seen a lot of positive changes, including a focus on teacher collaboration and data. She especially enjoys discussing data with other teachers and her students to help set goals and track growth. Take a look at this behind-the-scenes clip with Mindy.

This video is one in a series highlighting the changes that teachers, students, families and communities are making in education in America.