Improving Education: The View from Ms. Patterson's Classroom

Take a glimpse into a real classroom to see how today's historic changes in education have provided opportunities for students and teachers.

Behind the Scenes with Ms. Patterson

Ms. Patterson

After five years of teaching, Ms. Patterson continues to find inspiration from her students and other teachers. Every day, Ms. Patterson sees the impact her teaching has on her students' lives. This motivates her to continue challenging herself as an educator.

Ms. Patterson does this by adjusting her instructional practice to expect more from her students. She encourages students to collaborate, focus on the quality of text rather than the quantity, and build up skills that are part of the larger educational goal.

We asked Ms. Patterson about the changes she's made in her classroom and here's what she said:

Educator Collaboration

She stressed the importance of collaborating with fellow teachers and educators. Ms. Patterson and her colleagues work together to emphasize skills that transcend content areas for her students, such as annotating and leading group discussions. This teamwork helps Ms. Patterson consolidate learning and better prepare her students for the real world. She says technology can facilitate collaboration and recommends using technology such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and other file-sharing programs.


Another real world skill that Ms. Patterson highlights is organization. She says that encouraging students to keep a log of assignments in their binders or notebooks helps students study and prepare for later work.

Parent Involvement

Her advice for parents is to encourage their children to read texts outside the assigned reading and to create a routine at home around reading for pleasure.

Ms. Patterson finds this work challenging but rewarding. She sees how the changes in her classroom are benefitting her students and is inspired to keep coming back to try something new.

This video is one in a series highlighting the changes that teachers, students, families and communities are making in education in America.