Supporting Teachers: Behind the Scenes at Lehigh

Take a glimpse into a real classroom to see how today's historic changes in education have provided opportunities for students and teachers.

Behind the Scenes at Lehigh

Seven years ago, Lehigh Senior High School in Florida was considered a "rough" school that few wanted to attend. Today, thanks to a dramatic transformation, students are eager to learn at Lehigh, teachers want to teach there, and parents insist on sending their children there. The remarkable turnaround was achieved through leadership committed to providing ongoing professional development for teachers, a more empowered and cohesive teaching force, and a relentless focus on advancing student success through best practices.

In fact...

  • The school jumped from 11th to 4th in the district in biology scores in the span of one year
  • The school saw an increase of over 20 percent in Algebra scores from 2012-13 to 2013-14
  • Last year, Lehigh became the most requested school in the district for incoming 9th graders

This video is one in a series highlighting the changes that teachers, students, families and communities are making in education in America.