Improving Education: A View from King/Drew Magnet High School

Take a look into a school where students truly believe that "there is no other pathway that will bring you success like education."

Behind the Scenes with King/Drew

King/Drew Magnet High School is located in one of the most economically disadvantaged areas of the country. But its point of view is one of opportunity and challenge. Through higher standards and creative, meaningful assignments, teachers and students at King/Drew have seen tremendous success.

In fact...

  • 87% of students graduate from King/Drew, which is 20% higher than the graduation rate of other schools in the county
  • 90% of students who graduate from King/Drew attend college
  • Over $10 million in merit-based scholarships and university grants were awarded to students in 2014

This video is one in a series highlighting the changes that teachers, students, families and communities are making in education in America.