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Carol M. White Physical Education Program

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Program Performance Information

Performance Measures

The Secretary has established the following key performance measures for collecting data to use in assessing the effectiveness of PEP:

    (a) The percentage of students served by the grant who engage in 60 minutes of daily physical activity measured by using pedometers for students in grades K-12 and an additional 3-Day Physical Activity Recall (3DPAR) instrument to collect data on students in grades 5-12.

    (b) The percentage of students served by the grant who meet the standard of a healthy fitness zone as established by the assessment for the Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP) in at least five of the six fitness areas of that assessment.

    (c) The percentage of students served by the grant who consume fruit two or more times per day and vegetables three or more times per day as measured in programs serving high school students using the nutrition-related questions from the Youth Risk Behavior Survey and in programs serving elementary and middle school students using an appropriate assessment tool for their populations.

For each measure, grantees should collect and aggregate data from two discrete data collection periods throughout each year. During the first year, grantees have an additional data collection period prior to program implementation to collect baseline data.

    (d) The cost (based on the amount of the grant award) per student who achieves the level of physical activity required to meet the physical activity measure above (i.e., 60 minutes of daily physical activity).

These measures constitute the Department’s measures of success for this program. Consequently, applicants for a grant under this program are advised to give careful consideration to these measures in conceptualizing the approach and evaluation of their proposed project. If funded, applicants will be asked to collect and report data in their performance and final reports about progress toward these measures.

Last Modified: 10/23/2015