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Carol M. White Physical Education Program

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FY 2011 Awards

The U.S. Department of Education awarded 76 grants to Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) who plan to implement comprehensive, integrated physical activity and nutrition programs for their students through the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP). Funding is intended to assist these entities initiate, expand, or enhance physical education and nutrition education programs, including after-school programs, for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Grant recipients must implement programs that help students make progress toward meeting their state standards for physical education. In addition, these programs must undertake 1) instruction in healthy eating habits and good nutrition and 2) physical fitness activities that include at least one of the following: (a) fitness education and assessment to help students understand, improve, or maintain their physical well-being; (b) instruction in a variety of motor skills and physical activities designed to enhance the physical, mental, and social or emotional development of every student; (c) development of, and instruction in, cognitive concepts about motor skills and physical fitness that support a lifelong healthy lifestyle; (d) opportunities to develop positive social and cooperative skills through physical activity participation; (5) and (e) opportunities for professional development for teachers of physical education to stay abreast of the latest research, issues, and trends in the field of physical education.

We are pleased to announce the FY 2011 awards for the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP). 



$ 420,634

Auburn City Schools -- Located deep in central Alabama, Auburn City Schools serves K-12 students representing diverse backgrounds and plans to implement the ACS "iFit Project." The project intends to expand the district’s capacity to offer a standards-based, coordinated, best practice K-12 P.E. and nutrition education programs (including teachers demonstrating gains in subject matter knowledge and improvement in the use of appropriate instructional and assessment strategies) as well as improve physical fitness, activity levels, and eating habits of students. Several evidence-based programs will be instituted and P.E./Health Specialists as well as elementary classroom teachers will be trained accordingly. Partners on this project include: Auburn University; the City of Auburn Recreation; the Auburn Boys & Girls Clubs; ACS Food Services; and East Alabama Medical Center.

Santa Ana


$ 475,779

America On Track -- America On Track (AOT), a community-based nonprofit organization, will implement the On Track Through Fitness project, a comprehensive physical activity, health, and nutrition program to directly serve K-12 students to help them meet CA State Standards. On Track Through Fitness was designed by incorporating multiple evidence-based model programs to serve disadvantaged, at-risk Hispanic youth living in the most impoverished, overcrowded, high crime neighborhoods in Santa Ana. AOT, with eight collaborative community partners, will address critical gaps as well as enhance health and fitness services at eight schools (five public alternative high schools and three private, nonprofit parochial K - 8 schools).



$ 713,866

Hayward Unified School District -- Hayward Unified School District, in the San Francisco Bay Area will implement a comprehensive physical fitness and nutrition education program at all 22 LEA elementary schools. The goals of the program are to enable Hayward children to meet state physical fitness standards and nutrition competencies and build lifelong healthy eating and exercise habits. Project outcome targets include: 1.) expanding children’s participation in standards-based, sequential PE programming by 60 minutes per week; 2.) implementing a curriculum-based nutrition education program in all classrooms; 3.) ensuring targeted students score in the “High” range on Modules 1-4 of the School Health Index by the end of the grant period; 4.) ensuring Hayward children will be physically active, eat healthily, and be physically fit by engaging in 60 minutes of physical activity per day and achieving age-appropriate cardiovascular fitness levels.



$ 187,631

Children's Empowerment, Inc. -- Children’s Empowerment, Inc. (CEI) is a non-profit, community-based organization providing in-school and after-school academic service programs to at-risk middle and high school students in Daly City, California. CEI will partner with the Jefferson Union High School District to improve outcomes related to Jefferson High School students meeting state physical education, and provide instruction in healthy eating habits. Some of the project's goals are to increase in stakeholder participation in needs assessment and the health planning process, developing individual student fitness plans, expanding teacher professional development, and improving campus nutritional options including before and after the school day.



$ 657,202

Anaheim City School District -- The Anaheim City School District will build a coordinated program that implements a new physical education program so all students can meet the California State Standards for Physical Education and the goals of the School Health Index. The overarching goal of the project is to reduce the incidence of childhood obesity and change the culture of the community. The program goals will be accomplished by: 1.) implementing proven strategies to improve student health; 2.) improving the quality of taught curriculum through professional development and assessments; 3.) implementing a standards-based curriculum and program infrastructure; 4.) aligning evaluation with teaching and learning.



$ 333,656

The CSU, Chico Research Foundation -- The goal of the "Get Moving South" program is to enhance physical education curriculum and opportunities for physical activity in Oroville City and Palermo Union Elementary school districts in south Butte County, CA. Program goals are to help ethnically diverse, low-income students in K-6 grades meet the CA Standards for Physical Education, reduce the rates of overweight children, increase fruit and vegetable consumption, and improve fitness scores. A Get Moving South County coalition will adopt the "National Let’s Move Initiative" to mobilize at least 10 community partners to enhance school based opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating.



$ 327,961

Ventura Unified School District --Ventura Unified School District will implement "Project HEAL VUSD (Healthy Eating, Active Living Ventura Unified School District)." HEAL VUSD has three project goals: 1.) Expand and improve current physical education, nutrition and health curriculum learning experiences and policies related to school-based nutrition services for students in grades 4 – 8 at project schools; 2.) Increase the number of students in project schools in grades 4 – 8 who achieve the Healthy Fitness Zone in 5/6 or 6/6 California Physical Fitness tests including Body Composition and Aerobic Capacity; 3.) Expand opportunities for students in the project schools in grades 4 – 8 to participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity and nutrition learning opportunities through before and after-school programs provided by the schools and through community partnerships.

Castro Valley


$ 456,529

The AWAIT & FIND Project -- The AWAIT & FIND Project of the Castro Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) seeks to promote sequential, research-based physical education and instruction in healthy eating, and to implement policies that encourage student physical activity and healthy eating. The project will result in students developing important skills, knowledge, and behaviors that will help them develop healthy habits that they will carry into adulthood. Two project goals are to expand CVUSD’s capacity to offer a standards-based, coordinated, best practice K-12 P.E. and nutrition education programs and to improve physical fitness, activity levels, and eating habits of all CVUSD K-12 students.



$ 525,235

Kern County Superintendent of Schools -- Kern County Superintendent of Schools (KCSOS) will implement the "Kern Kids Get Moving!" project. It is designed to help Kern County students meet state standards for physical education and will serve to promote and encourage lifelong eating habits. The project will target youth at KCSOS Valley Oaks Charter School, Alternative Education Programs and five after school Migrant Education programs. As a component of the program, PE teachers/staff at targeted sites will participate in staff development activities and will be trained in research based strategies to increase their knowledge, attitudes, and skills related to implementing activities.



$ 454,611

Gateway Unified School District -- Gateway Unified School District will implement "Project STRIDE" (Supporting Teachers with Resources for Instruction in Diet and Exercise) and develop quality K-6 physical education and nutrition education programs for the three district elementary schools. Project partners include a collaborative consortium of community groups (e.g. Redding Parks and Recreation) and institutions of higher education (Humboldt State University and Shasta College) in the northern California county of Shasta. STRIDE will enable schools to update and enhance their local wellness policies and improve physical education instruction in three elementary schools. The project will assist teachers in developing district-wide physical education and nutrition curriculum aligned with California standards and will utilize teachers, school nurses, community health professionals, and university faculty to provide effective professional development.



$ 660,351

Lindsay Unified School District -- Lindsay Unified School District (LUSD) provides educational services for students in the small, rural farming community of Lindsay, California. Five of the six K-8 elementary schools, Lindsay High School, and J.J. Cairns Continuation School will participate in the grant funded project, "Lindsay on the Move!" It has been designed to address the needs revealed in a district-wide assessment and in the School Health Index Report (SHI) in order to improve the district’s physical education programs so all K-12 can meet the goals of the California State Standards for Physical Education. With the goals of improving fitness, nutrition, and academic achievement, the project will provide instruction in nutrition, fitness education and assessment, motor skills and physical activities, social and cooperative skills and professional development.

Santa Ana


$ 524,621

Santa Ana Unified School District -- The Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) “Fitness for All” project is designed to expand and to enhance our physical education and health programs. Fitness for All represents a unique collaboration between SAUSD, the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA), Kid Healthy and Think Together. As collaborative partners our main purpose is to work together to increase the percent of students who will: 1.) learn and practice healthy eating choices; 2.) Participate regularly in physical activities; 3.) follow California physical education, health and nutrition standards. Outcomes resulting from the achievement of these objectives will include improvement in the following areas: BMI, quality physical education, healthy eating habits, enhanced parent engagement, replication, and a scale-up plan to replicate findings.

West Palm Beach


$ 651,207

The School District of Palm Beach County, Florida -- The School District of Palm Beach County, Florida, is the 11th largest school district in the nation, serving 172,215 students K-12 in 108 elementary schools, 33 middle schools, and 24 high schools. An evaluation of current research regarding physical education, health, and nutrition in the LEA helped select a direction and goals. "Kids Getting Fit" will implement changes in curriculum, professional development, student assessment, and physical activity tracking to improve the number of students K-5 who meet Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards in Physical Education.



$ 397,183

Quest For Change, Inc.-- Quest For Change, Inc. is partnering with Randolph County School District, a rural and low-income LEA in Georgia, to improve and enhance their middle and high school PE program. The new Fitness Unlocks Nutrition (FUN) PE program will help students meet state PE standards by implementing a comprehensive physical education program to improve fitness education, nutrition education, staff training capacity, and physical activity.



$ 341,858

Waukegan CUSD 60 -- This project is the joint effort of the Waukegan Public School District, the city of Waukegan, Lake County Public Health, University of Illinois Extension, and the Center for Family Engagement in Education. It will serve students in grades K-5 in 8 of elementary schools. Project goals include: 1.) change at the district level to create policies and an environment which support improved health, fitness and nutrition; 2.) integrate topics of healthy eating and physical activities in the elementary curricula; 3.) implement project activities that will reduce and/or eliminate the use of food as a reward and the sale of low nutritive value food for fund raising and at school events.



$ 560,269

Frida Kahlo Community Organization -- The Frida Kahlo Community Organization (FKCO) in collaboration with the Chicago Public Schools, the Jorge Prieto Community Clinic of Stroger Hospital in Chicago, the Creative and Active Students Program of the National Museum of Mexican Art, Alivio Medical Center and the Mayor’s Office of the City of Chicago, will implement a project entitled "Fitness Initiatives for Tomorrow" (FIT). FIT is designed to provide a systematic, comprehensive, cutting edge research-based physical education and nutrition program to assist students in grades 3-5 at four Chicago Public schools in making progress towards meeting the 6 State of Illinois Standards for physical development and health. This research-based project will establish an in-depth professional development system for physical education and science teachers through an assessment of student needs, classroom-follow-up coaching and demonstrations, and an analysis of teacher practice.

Stillman Valley


$ 388,900

Meridian Community Unit School District 223 -- Cardinals "Flight to Fitness (FTF)" is a joint effort of the Meridian Community Unit School District 223, staff, students, parents and 22 community partners. The project goals of the project are to expand and improve the physical education programs (including after-school/summer) for students in kindergarten through 12th grades that assist them in meeting state standards and promotes and encourages daily physical activity, cardio fitness, lifelong healthy eating and to improve students' cognitive concepts about motor skills and physical activities that enhance cooperative skills and social and emotional developments. The conceptual framework design is research-based, comprehensive & includes: sequential, integrated curriculum and assessment, intensive high-quality professional development, equipment/materials purchases, nutrition programming including fairs, and expanded student programming (i.e. summer camp/Adventure Flights, bicycling program, after school programs, intramurals, recreation nights, and leadership camps.



$ 652,292

Metropolitan School District of Pike Township -- The LEA is a diverse K-12 urban district serving 10,981 students in 14 schools. The project "Pike on the Move!" seeks to nurture and sustain a cultural shift that produces systemic change, resulting in healthy eating and fitness for students in grades 4-10. The program has several key components: policy and environment, nutrition education, PE and activity, nutrition services, and parent, and community involvement.



$ 615,868

Boone County Board of Education -- As part of funded grant activities a project called "Boone4Health" will be implemented based on the Kentucky State Standards. Project objectives include: 1.) helping students understand that proper nutrition is essential to growth and development; 2.) providing professional development for teachers of PE and health; 3.) offering experiences to help students understand recreational or competitive PE activities offer opportunities for self-expression.

Cold Spring


$ 534,600

Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational -- The Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services (NKCES) Wellness Alliance PE project goal is to help students in Bellevue, Dayton and Southgate Schools meet state standards for physical education and to promote and encourage lifelong and healthy eating habits. Objectives of the Wellness Alliance Plan are based on Kentucky State Standards: to provide instruction and experiences that will help students understand that proper nutrition is essential to growth and development; to provide instruction and experiences that will help students understand that resources are available to assist in making nutritional choices; to provide instruction and experiences that will help students understand that motor skills need to be refined, combined and varied in the development of specialized skills; and to provide instruction and experiences that will help students understand that leisure/recreational or competitive physical activities provide opportunities for self-expression, social interactions and can be enjoyable and challenging.



$ 345,086

Butler County Schools -- Butler County Schools (BCS) will implement a project called "Learning In Motion" to provide a structured, sequential physical and nutritional education curriculum for BCS school students in grades K-12 across 5 schools. The project will implement evidence based curriculum to deliver required physical and nutrition education content, train educators in contemporary classroom strategies, and provide an effective means for using technology to capture and analyze qualitative and quantitative data. Learning In Motion will maximize the time students spend being physically active, using technology to engage them in activities that are inclusive and accessible to all participants, regardless of initial fitness level or physical ability.



$ 444,878

Ouachita Parish School Board -- The Ouachita Parish School System will implement a comprehensive health and P.E program to serve students at thirty-four sites. Partnerships with the Hospital District, the Ouachita Parish Policy Jury, the Ouachita Parish Health Unit, the Louisiana State University Cooperative Extension Office, the Nutrition Connection Coalition, and the newly formed Office of Comprehensive School Health and with Food/Nutrition Services will ensure the success of the project. The goals of the project are to: 1.) produce a K-12 comprehensive health and P.E. curriculum based on the Louisiana State Standards; 2.) establish policies and procedures that will become the guiding force for the establishment of a healthier lifestyle for the students of Ouachita Parish; and 3.) promote health, nutrition, and fitness; and 4) share information for improvement purposes.



$ 257,555

Waltham Public Schools -- The project, "Adventure Program for Physical Education" (APPE), is a comprehensive research-based program with the following goals: 1.) Help students meet state standards for physical education; 2.) Increase the percentage of served K-12 students who regularly engage in moderate or vigorous physical exercise; 3.) Increase the number of children who understand and adopt a life-long health and wellness philosophy. The project will result in the: 1). Institutionalization of a school and community-wide culture of Health and Wellness, including expansion of the School Health Advisory Committee to oversee health and wellness policies; 2.) execution of a City Wellness policy and promotion of and increased access to health and fitness opportunities and resources; 3). Integration of an "Adventure Philosophy," a research-based, cutting-edge physical education, health and wellness, and behavioral management program serving all K-12 students.



$ 661,514

Shrewsbury Public Schools -- Shrewsbury Public Schools and its project partners will implement "The Get Fit Adventure" program to meet all student needs for healthy nutrition and physical fitness. The program improvements will be used to measure and track student progress, create individual fitness and nutrition improvement plans, provide for additional opportunities and motivation for daily physical activity and healthy eating habits. Project outcomes include: improvement in the number of students meeting physical activity measures of 60 minutes/day, increased nutritional intake of fruits and vegetables, a reduction in student bullying, and improved knowledge and skills among PE teachers, key project staff and community partners.



$ 299,856

Mashpee Public Schools -- Mashpee Public Schools and Cape Cod Regional Technical High School (“Cape Tech”) in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, will implement a program designed to 1.) expand the district’s capacity to offer a standards-based, coordinated, best practice K-12 PE and nutrition education programs (including teachers demonstrating gains in subject matter knowledge and improvement in the use of appropriate instructional and assessment strategies); and 2.) improve physical fitness, activity levels, and eating habits of students.



$ 104,127

Amesbury Academy Charter Public School -- The Amesbury Academy Charter Public School plans implement a comprehensive, integrated physical activity and nutrition program to achieve the Massachusetts Standards for Physical Activity, Fitness and Nutrition as delineated in the Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Framework. This project will address gaps and weaknesses revealed through a gap analysis of the physical activity, education and nutrition programs that include inadequate equipment, infrastructure and policy deficiencies, fragmented data collection capabilities, lack of technology connection, failure to meet, or minimal meeting of state standards of physical activity, fitness, and nutrition and a need for innovative instructional tools. This project will increase student participation in physical activities that have lifelong health benefits.



$ 473,237

Newton Public Schools -- Newton Public Schools has developed project that will provide Newton teens with instruction in healthy eating habits and good nutrition and physical fitness activities during out-of-school time hours. More specifically, this collaborative effort focuses on at-risk youth to ensure they meet developmentally appropriate targets for activity, fitness, and nutrition. Project activities include a communitywide fitness and nutrition campaign promoting youth fitness and nutrition, personalized youth assessment and coaching, youth education and engagement/leadership, community-based programming designed to serve at-risk youth (i.e., fitness-based mentoring, marathon program, drop-in fitness programs, skateboarding, hip hop dance, cooking and nutrition programs, adventure programs), and staff education.



$ 692,736

Oxford Hills School District - MSAD #17 -- Oxford Hills School District (MSAD 17) and the Telstar School District (MSAD 44) from Oxford County, Maine, have developed a team to implement the “Body, Mind, & Spirit” project. The project will provide evidence-based nutrition education and Farm-to-School outdoor programming in partnership with the "UMaine Eat Well" program, and the Healthy Maine Partnerships (a local organization dedicated to health and wellness of youth and families). In addition, the project will implement interdisciplinary, experiential education programs, which will increase time dedicated to physical activity education; significant direct professional development for physical education and health teachers, and ultimately the entire staff of 300 teachers; and a model health and wellness program that will meet the needs of all students with focus on lifelong outdoor skills, nutrition, and exercise.



$ 497,132

School District of the City of Pontiac -- Pontiac School District (PSD) will implement a project called "PLAY" (Promoting Lifetime Activity in Youth!) PSD will implement a comprehensive physical education program that will allow schools to update PE equipment, increase the safety of PE classes, expand current curriculum to embrace a wide variety of fitness and wellness activities, build partnerships to provide learning opportunities for district youth, and train staff to better respond to the changing health needs of students. Partners include Metro Youth YMCA, North Oakland Family YMCA, Michigan State University Extension Office, Oakland County Health Division, and the City of Pontiac.



$ 530,330

Prodigal Son Foundation -- The Prodigal Son Foundation, a community based organization, will implement a program to serve approximately Charlotte K-5 students at three sites in Charlotte, North Carolina. This project seeks to address identified health and fitness deficiencies which have become barriers to a healthier way of living : 1.) PE school curriculum that are not aligned to North Carolina standards; 2.) lack of accurate assessment capabilities; and 3.) limited resources to develop, administer and maintain a healthy PE program. It is Prodigal Son’s goal to address these gaps through a "P.A.C.E. program" by introducing resources and training that will supplement and support local PE programs, adhere to State Standards, and make new and innovative PE education and activity programs available.



$ 375,101

Haywood County School -- Haywood County Schools Mountain ROADS (Reducing Obesity via Activity and Diet for Students) project is a research-based physical education reform model specifically designed to address the poor physical activity and nutrition needs of students served by the project. Mountain ROADS has the following objectives: 1.) Deliver a PE Program Aligned to State Standards; 2.) Implement a Focused Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Health Program; and 3.) Create the Necessary Data Systems to Track and Monitor Student Success.



$ 453,646

Camden City Board of Education -- Camden City Public Schools (CCPS) proposes the "Fit for Life Project." Fit for Life will focus on the New Jersey State Health and Physical Education Wellness Standard 2.6 (Fitness). The goal of the project is to initiate, expand, and enhance the physical education program so that CCPS students meet state standards for physical education and form good habits for healthy lifestyle choices to last a lifetime. Fit for Life will introduce students to physical activities through the P.E. program that will form the foundation for a lifetime of healthy physical activity. Fit for Life will be implemented at the three family schools in the district, which serve students in grades K through grade 8 and will also be implemented in the Creative Arts High School..

South Glens Falls


$ 725,728

South Glens Falls CSD -- The South Glens Falls Central School District will implement the “Lifestyle Improvements through Fitness Education” (LIFE) project and serve students within a large 80 square mile region. The district will implement a series of innovative and age-appropriate physical education models at all levels with school and community partners. The proposed LIFE project components include: 1.) WAY (Wellness Activities for Youth), increasing the number of high-interest physical education activities and curricula to change the under-performing K-12 PE program; and 2.) FIT (Fitness Improvements for Today) creating an assessment platform and improving teacher training.

Penn Yan


$ 430,540

Penn Yan Central School District -- The LEA is located in Yates County, New York, and serves students in grades K-12. Penn Yan is serving as the lead applicant for this two-district project which also includes neighboring Dundee Central School District (Dundee), a district serving 808 students in grades K-12. The project, "Physical Education Beyond the Boundaries," will address the following gaps and weaknesses in the current physical education and nutrition program: 1.) insufficient time for physical activity; 2.) incomplete curriculum due to insufficient equipment; 3.) lack of nutrition education; 4) lack of key policies for promoting physical activity and healthy eating; and 5.) lack of promotion of and coordination with community resources that support physical activity and healthy eating.



$ 227,157

Westminster Community Charter School -- The Westminster Community Charter School in collaboration with Canisius College’s Department of Kinesiology and Department of Psychology will implement a project to enable the school's K-8 grade students to meet New York State Education Department PE standards. Program objectives are to: 1.) design and implement formal school physical activity, nutrition and wellness policies; 2.) increase to 160 (K-5th grade) and 230 (6th-8th grade) minutes/week, students’ participation in moderate/vigorous physical activity; 3.) establish a continuum of NYS standards based PE instruction and assessments, across all grade levels; 4.) acquire equipment/supplies that will increase students’ enjoyment of physical education and their involvement in fitness-related activities; 5.) require the compensated participation of PE teachers/coaches/nurses in 96 hours of professional development workshops and focus group meetings.



$ 644,572

Rotterdam-Mohonasen Central School District -- Mohonasen Central School District (MCSD) along with the Schenectady County Health Department, the Town of Rotterdam’s Supervisors Office, the Schenectady YMCA, the MCSD Food Service Department, and the MCSD School Health Advisory Council, will implement project activities. The school district is located in Schenectady County in upstate New York State and serves a student population of K-12 students housed at 4 separate buildings. This project will infuse additional activity choices (outdoor education, “Project Adventure,” lifetime sports) for all students across the school district. Additionally, it will enable a paradigm change designed to create a systematic approach for measuring and tracking student health and fitness; improve students performance to meet/exceed NY State Standards; and provide PE teachers with the resources to create a K-12 program of excellence.



$ 429,602

Jeffersonville-Youngsville Central School District -- Sullivan West Central School District (previously known as Jeffersonville-Youngsville Central School District) in Sullivan County, New York serves students who live in underserved, isolated rural communities. Sullivan West CSD collaborated with partners to design a grant funded project to fill gaps and weaknesses and provide students with an outstanding physical education program. Implementation of PEAK (Physical Education for Active Kids), seeks to promote fitness and healthy lifestyles in Sullivan West youth; equip students with the knowledge to improve fitness and wellness; improve physical education / fitness / wellness / nutrition instruction across all grade levels; promote student, family and community commitment to wellness and fitness, and utilize validated assessments to monitor student progress and promote fitness.



$ 508,173

West Genesee Central School District -- The West Genesee Central School District will implement "Healthy Bodies at Our Best = P.E. Success" to provide a focus on fitness and nutrition for its K-12 suburban school district, just outside of Syracuse, New York. The project will focus on lifelong fitness and health using updated curriculum as well as fitness and assessment technology to improve student achievement and build a foundation for lifetime wellness. The program activities will include nutrition interventions, purchase of new equipment and fitness technology, fitness/nutrition plan development, and new opportunities for staff and community involvement.

Rockville Centre


$ 607,643

Rockville Centre Union Free School District -- Rockville Centre Union Free School District and an array of community partners will implement a project called "21st Century Movers Project." Key goals are to increase daily physical activity levels of students and increase student consumption of fruits and vegetables. The project will initiate curriculum changes including the introduction of new tools such as SPARK at the elementary and middle school levels and HOPSports at all levels. PE teachers in grades 9-12 will incorporate Personal Fitness for You as part of the curriculum in year three of the project.



$ 479,025

Fallsburg Central School District - Fallsburg Central School District in Sullivan County, New York serves students who live in underserved rural communities. The implementation of the project, "SHAPE" (Supporting Healthy Active People Everyday), will result in significant improvements in targeted schools and help promote fitness and healthy lifestyles in Fallsburg youth; equip students with the knowledge to improve fitness/wellness; improve physical education / fitness / wellness / nutrition instruction across all grade levels; promote student commitment to wellness and fitness; and utilize validated assessments to monitor student progress and promote fitness. SHAPE partners include Frost Valley YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, the Town of Fallsburg, and Sullivan County Public Health.



$ 463,500

Thousand Islands Central School District -- Thousand Islands Central School District (TISD) is located in Jefferson County in northern New York. In collaboration with district administrators, PE teachers, food service staff, community partners, and parents, TISD will implement a project entitled "BRIDGE to Better Health." The bridge is supported by six pillars that lead to a healthy lifestyle. These pillars, which will also serve as the goals of the project, are to: boost physical activity; raise nutrition awareness; individualize assessment; develop an effective curriculum; get parents and the community involved; and expand professional development opportunities for teachers.



$ 50,033

Hornel City School District -- The Physical Activity Changing Education (PACE) Program will enhance the overall health and wellness of its K-12 students attending the school district. This will be accomplished through a collaborative partnership between the school district and multiple entities, including the Steuben County Department of Public Health, the City of Hornell, the district’s Director of Food Services, and several community-based organizations. Hornell is a geographically isolated, economically depressed community in the Appalachian foothills of New York State. The PACE Program will implement an evidence-based Health/Physical Education instructional model that meets the Absolute Priority through instruction in healthy eating habits, fitness education and assessment, and teacher professional development



$ 363,087

East Knox Local Schools -- The East Knox Local School District’s project is a collaborative effort of the Ohio State University Extension, the Knox County Health Department, various county agencies, and the staff of three schools. Project goals are to improve and increase the daily physical activity, cardiovascular fitness levels, and healthy eating habits of students served. Comprehensive strategies include the use of formative assessments in physical education classes; implementation of a sequential, rigorous PE curriculum; integration of physical activity and nutrition concepts into classroom instruction; enhancement of physical activity, food, nutrition, and health/wellness policies; and development of family night programs to increase parental involvement in physical and nutrition education.



$ 387,022

Buckeye Local Schools -- Buckeye Local School District will implement a project that includes the following goals: 1.) the revision and alignment of PE curriculum; 2.) the incorporation of engaging and diverse equipment, including adaptive equipment; 3.) the provision of professional development training opportunities and conferences for teachers; and 4.) the expansion of opportunities for physical activity. The project will also utilize the expertise of a nutrition consultant to integrate into the PE curriculum age-appropriate nutrition education and healthy eating-promoting games and messages. These initiatives will be supplemented by the resources of community partners (Jefferson Behavioral Health, County Health Department, OSU Extension Service) and by the integration of state and national best practices into the project.



$ 389,071

Pryor Public Schools -- Pryor Public Schools will implement the PEP (Pryor Engages People in) Health Project, targeting K-12th grade students. Project goals include the following: 1.) promote good nutrition school-wide; 2.) to provide fitness education and assessment; 3.) to ensure PE students are instructed in activities that enhance their physical, mental, & social development; 4.) to provide fitness instruction that supports lifelong health. To reach the goals and meet project objectives, the district will enhance physical education with research-based curriculum, teacher professional development, and student personalized health profiles and fitness plans. Partners will offer additional fitness activities, participate in health fairs, promote the project in the community, present informational programs, and assist with a “Student Garden” project that will encourage families to plant their own gardens.

El Reno


$ 380,174

El Reno Public Schools -- The project will be multi-pronged effort with the school partnering with eleven stakeholders that include the City of El Reno, Canadian County Health Department, Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes, Pew Hispanic Center, B.E. Archler’s Hometown Market, Redlands Community College, Sooner Success, Parkview Hospital, and Oklahoma State University. In order to effect change, the project will amend and augment El Reno Public Schools nutrition and physical activity related policies, form linkages with federal, state, and local initiatives, and update the LEAs physical education and nutrition instruction curricula.



$ 242,192

Hulbert Public Schools -- Hulbert Public Schools will implement The RIDER Project. The goals of the Rider (Resources in Diet, Exercise, and Recreation) Project are to ensure Hulbert K-6 students will meet or exceed 60 minutes of daily physical activity and meet Oklahoma’s PASS Standards. Additionally, this project proposes to create policies that ensure all food-related activities, including cafeteria, concession, vending, and classroom parties, focus on healthy nutritional norms. To achieve the goals, objectives include: 1.) adding ten minutes each day devoted to physical activity in each K-6 classroom to supplement the 50-minute PE classes; 2.) acquiring equipment for all students to remain active during PE; 3.) increasing the amount of intentional time spent in after-school program in planned physical activity; 4.) using technology to set, assess, and track students’ own cardio, strength, and fitness goals; 5.); revamping school menus and creating policies regarding non-nutritious food sales; and 6.) creating a school-wide campaign to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.



$ 504,277

Osage County Interlocal Cooperative (OCIC) -- OCIC and partners will implement the project "RESHAPE 2020" to improve PE programs for students in 12 rural Oklahoma districts. The project will involve training of food managers, an increase in nutrition and health programs as part of the core curriculum, an expansion of tobacco and alcohol abuse training, and training to students on making healthy dietary choices.



$ 339,020

Crescent Public School District -- Project “ HEALTH CLUB” is a research-based physical education programs for Crescent Public Schools in grades K-12. Two primary objectives of the project are to help students make progress toward meeting state standards in physical education, and to help students increase their physical activity. To achieve these program objectives, components will include curriculum development and implementation, professional development, fitness assessments, and equipment purchases. Partners for the project include the Logan County Health Department; the YMCA, and the City of Crescent.

Ford City


$ 312,473

Armstrong School District -- Armstrong School District (ASD) is located north east of Pittsburgh and includes 30 municipalities. At ASD, 35% of students are either overweight and/or obese. The “Fitness Integrated Teaching (FIT)” project that will be implemented as part of grant activities will allow ASD to purchase proper assessment tools, develop a new curriculum, purchase new equipment, and offer professional development for teachers. The program’s goals include improved fitness level among students and an increase increased level of physical activity while ultimately lowering the obesity rate.



$ 584,278

Penncrest School District -- “Physical Activity Creates a Thirst for Life" (PACT for Life) is a community partnership designed to implement a new prevention-oriented physical education and nutrition program to address Crawford County’s rural Appalachian community health needs. The following project components will be implemented with a new covenant agreement among community partners for the LEA's elementary students and secondary students located on 6 separate school campuses:1.) "Directions for Good Health" is a comprehensive physical activity/nutrition program targeted for elementary students (K-6) that will promote daily physical activity, good nutrition, and greater family-community involvement via partnerships; 2). Fit Inn will be a new nutrition-based fitness/wellness center at the middle/high school buildings (Grades 7-12) as an integral part of the re-structuring the secondary PE program.



$ 354,969

Laurens County School District 56 -- Laurens County School District 56 (LCSD56) will implement a project that will expand the district’s capacity to offer a standards-based, coordinated, best practice K-12 PE and nutrition education programs (including teachers demonstrating gains in subject matter knowledge and improvement in the use of appropriate instructional and assessment strategies and Improve physical fitness, activity levels, and eating habits of students. Partners for this project include the Clint Family YMCA, Laurens County Healthcare System, the LCSD56 Food Services, and the City of Clinton.



$ 344,399

Beresford Parks, Recreation, and Community -- The Beresford Area Parks, Recreation, & Community Education (PRCE) Program is the primary entity charged with providing before- and after-school programming for youth in Beresford and the surrounding area. PRCE has partnered with the Beresford School District and a variety of other entities to create the “Watchdogs of the Future” project. The target population for the "Watchdogs of the Future" project is all students K-12 within the Beresford School District and approximately another 200 youth from surrounding communities. The community education program and its partners will provide an opportunity for youth to improve their overall physical activity, nutrition, and wellness levels.



$ 293,259

Tea Area School District -- Tea Area School District serves the community of Tea and the surrounding area in southeast South Dakota. The Tea Area School District has four attendance centers including an elementary school, middle school, high school, and alternative school. The LEA will implement the Healthy Youth-Healthy Future Project. This project seeks to improve the PE curriculum and opportunities for students to increase activity levels during school hours. The project will help students receive instruction required to link the importance of physical activity to improve health and wellness. The project will also provide health and PE teachers with professional development needed to improve classroom management, provide students with a research-based curriculum, and help students understand how to improve moderate to vigorous physical activity levels during class.



$ 576,579

Bradley County Schools -- Located in the Appalachian foothills of Eastern Tennessee, Bradley County Schools serves over 10,000 students, nearly half of which are in the “overweight” or “obese” BMI classification each year. To lower these rates, the goals of the “Beyond the Walls” project are to: 1.) implement a consistent, sequential PE curriculum for grades K-9; 2.) maximize opportunities for physical activity throughout the school day; 3.) implement a school-wide, integrated nutrition curriculum; 4.) institutionalize policies and measures to track and improve health and fitness. These goals will be achieved with various pilot initiatives and establishing consistent, written PE and nutrition curricula based on the nationally-recognized programs.

San Antonio


$ 689,283

San Antonio Independent School District -- The San Antonio Independent School District in Texas serves more than 54,429 students, including thousands of students who are overweight or obese and at-risk for life-long health complications. The goals of the School Health Improvement Plan are to improve student physical fitness and nutrition by: 1.) providing targeted professional development to physical education instructors; 2.) establishing an intensive course for the most at-risk students; 3.) developing and implementing new nutrition modules in physical education courses; 4.) developing and implementing new physical activity modules for physical education courses; 5.) encouraging family involvement in student physical education and activities; and 6.) assessing student fitness and student feedback to determine the success of activities.



$ 458,134

The East Austin College Prep Academy, Inc. -- East Austin College Prep Academy – Charter Middle School will implement Project FIT to EXCEL, and serve over 2,300 participants in the East Austin community. The project is a collaborative effort of the East Austin Children's Promise initiative, with goals to promote a quality comprehensive community and school-based physical education program that empowers local youth to meet the state's physical education standards. At the core of Project FIT to EXCEL programmatic activities is the active engagement and empowerment of students, parents, and the internal and external community.



$ 756,733

Wylie Independent School District -- Wylie Independent School District in Abilene, Texas in collaboration with community partners (Mayor Norm Archibald, Wylie Boys and Girls Club, and Abilene Regional) will implement the "Gets Fit" project. Gets Fit will provide more opportunities for students to be physically active and for teachers to participate in professional development and training. The goals of Gets Fit are to: increase the amount of time students are active; align the PE curriculum with Texas standards; provide all students with opportunities to be active; improve students' fitness outcomes; and review and update nutrition- and physical activity-related policies. Our expected outcomes include: decreasing unhealthy BMI percentages and aligning PE curriculum will be aligned to Texas standards.

Fort Worth


$ 529,184

YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth -- YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth had designed the "Y Fit After-school Program." This comprehensive physical activity and nutrition based program utilizes local collaborations, evidence-based curriculum, and established best practices in an effort to help students develop the skills and knowledge needed to sustain healthy living habits into their adult years. The Y Fit Program is focused on providing elementary aged students at 50 campuses across Tarrant County with the skills, knowledge, and tools needed to combat the effects of inactivity, childhood obesity, and the effects of unhealthy choices. The Y Fit After-school Program will utilize a research-based physical education and coordinated school health program designed to increase physical activity and promote the generalization of physical activity beyond classes to become a component of an active lifestyle.

American Fork


$ 714,943

Alpine School District - - Alpine School District (ASD) is one of the largest and fastest growing districts in Utah, serving 66,100 K-12 students in 73 schools. The goals of the project are: (1) expand the district’s capacity to offer a standards-based, coordinated, best practice K-12 P.E. and nutrition education programs, and (2) improve physical fitness, activity levels, and eating habits of students several evidence-based practices and programs will be instituted and/or strengthened.



$ 725,641

Tooele County School District -- Tooele County School District, Utah, serves K-12 students in 25 schools scattered over a vast rural area. The goals of the Tooele iFit Project are: 1.) expand the district’s capacity to offer a standards-based, coordinated, best practice K-12 P.E. and nutrition education programs (including teachers demonstrating gains in subject matter knowledge and improvement in the use of appropriate instructional and assessment strategies); and 2.) improve physical fitness, activity levels, and eating habits of students (including increases in students making progress towards state standards. The proposed Tooele iFit Project is an articulated, coordinated K-12 best practice, technology-enhanced approach to P.E. and nutrition education that aligns with the Utah Physical Education and Health Education Standards.

Falls Church


$ 741,840

Fairfax County School Board -- Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) will implement "Living Fit in Fairfax" (LFF). This project is designed to expand and enhance coordinated efforts that develop the K-12 physical education program. The project will be grounded in sound principles of building capacity using a clear evaluation and assessment plan. By implementing LFF the LEA will address existing needs and weaknesses in providing enhanced resources to promote FCPS students’ well-being. The project will provide enhanced fitness and physical activity opportunities for K-12 students with an emphasis on K-6, to ensure LFF has a childhood obesity prevention program in place. The project is designed to be proactive in preventing the growing epidemic of childhood obesity and providing persistent and consistent knowledge and skills based on state standards.



$ 396,885

Salem City Public Schools -- The Salem City School District has worked closely with students, teachers, parents and community members to create a project with the goal of improving the physical education, fitness, and health of all K-12 students. The central goal is to create, expand, and sustain a district-wide plan to improve the knowledge, skills, physical activity and nutrition levels of our students. This will be accomplished by using fitness, nutrition and activity design strategies that provide deep alignment between curriculum, instruction and assessment. Engaging the community through partnership with the county health department, local YMCA, the Lewis Gale Medical Center, and the Virginia Cooperative Extension will provide sustainability.



$ 496,754

Sumner School District -- Sumner S.H.I.P. (Student Health is Priority) will develop a coordinated project so all students can meet the goals of the Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements for Health and Fitness, the School Health Index (SHI), and nutrition and physical activity school board policies and procedures. Through a systems-building process the district and community will develop capacity and create an infrastructure that supports continuous improvement in a health-promoting environment for students.

Lake Ronkonhoma


$ 540,015

Sachem Central School District -- The "Building Foundations for Healthy Lifestyles" project will serve the LEAs 14,737 K-12 students. The K-12 program redesign will be community-based and grounded in sound principles of building capacity for long-term program change. The program objectives include: 1.) implementing strategies based on analysis of ways to improve student’s health; 2.) improving the learning climate through teacher professional development and assessment; 3.) building a curriculum and program infrastructure to promote healthy lifestyles.



$ 326,268

Wahluke School District -- The purpose of the project is to build on and expand nutrition, fitness and physical education programs in the Wahluke School District so all K-12 students can meet the learning requirements outlined in the Washington State Health and Fitness Learning Standards. Implementation of the project will include the following action items: 1). Convene a School Health Advisory Committee to review and strengthen district policies while providing governance and support during program change; 2). Implement a standards-based physical education curriculum and fitness software system and provide staff training in curriculum implementation and quality instruction and assessment; 3). Create safe physical environments that promote social and emotional health through participation in physical activities provided in and outside the school day; 4). Provide nutrition, fitness and physical activity opportunities and education to students, families and community members in and outside of school.



$ 327,534

Toutle River Ranch -- Toutle River Ranch will build a coordinated project that implements a new after school program in Longview, Kalama and Castle Rock, Washington so students can meet the Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs). This will be accomplished through a coordinated and comprehensive health, fitness and nutrition program that is standards-based and provides close alignment with instruction and assessment matched with the EALRs for Physical Education and Health Education, and a management plan that will ensure sustainability after the funding period ends. The overarching goal of our project is to reduce the incidence of childhood obesity and change the culture of our community, but also be sustainable over time and leave a positive lasting impact. Implementation is individualized at each after school site and allows students to succeed regardless of their level of fitness, interest in sports, race or gender.



$ 650,698

Seattle Public Schools -- Seattle Public Schools (SPS) will implement "GET FIT, GET SMART!" The project is to support the transformation of the SPS PE program ensuring all students will develop basic skills and knowledge needed to value health, nutrition and fitness, and develop an understanding of the social and emotional benefits of living an active life. SPS is the largest district in the state of Washington, serving 47,000 students in 88 schools. This grant will allow Seattle Public Schools to reach its goals for students in mastering state standards and providing a coordinated effort in the systemic improvement of our children’s health.



$ 424,338

Tumwater School District -- Tumwater School District (TSD) will implement the "Tumwater for Tomorrow: Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities" project. Its purpose is to build a coordinated project to expand and enhance TSD's PE program. Expansion of the program will allow all students the opportunity to meet the Washington State Essential Academic Requirements (EALRs). TSD will have a coordinated and comprehensive health, fitness and nutrition program that is standards-based and provides close alignment with current curriculum as well as instruction and assessment matched with EALRs for PE and Health Education. The program design is also carefully aligned with a coordinated school health model.



$ 355,135

New Paradigm Partners, Inc. -- New Paradigm Partners (NPP), a non-profit consortium of 5 rural school districts, plans to serve 2300 students in grades K-12. The main goals of the funded project are to: review, modify and enhance the PE program, to increase opportunities for physical activity for all students both in and out of school, to increase professional development opportunities for PE teachers and to increase the instruction in healthy eating and nutrition. Some of the outcomes expected include: a 15% improvement in cardiovascular fitness, an increase of 20% of students who report physical activity of 60 minutes or more on a daily basis, and an increase of 20% of students who report via a student survey tool, enjoyment with physical activity.

North Fond du Lac


$ 478,270

School District of North Fond du Lac -- The North Fond du Lac “Prepare, Promote, Persist” Project will create comprehensive program of improved curricula, instruction, and activity choices. It will include the following components: 1.) the program will “Prepare” students for a lifetime of active health with an engaging variety of team and individual activities; 2.) the program will “Promote” awareness and practice of concepts and strategies supporting health through fitness; 3.) the program will work with the North Fond du Lac community to create a community atmosphere that will “Persist” in supporting the goals and aims of this program, and enable its students to “Persist” in healthy behaviors.



$ 785,237

Wausau School District -- The HEALTH project will serve all K-12 students in the Wausau School District. The Goal of the HEALTH project is to provide a researched-based program resulting in increased health for all students. The project is a comprehensive program that will result in: 1.) Students gaining knowledge and exposure to a variety of activities, skills, and concepts designed to help them understand, improve, and maintain their physical well-being for a lifetime; 2.) Development of a coherent, sustained program of K-12 P.E. staff development focused on implementation of the newly developed curriculum and the latest research, issues, and trends in physical education; 3.) the implementation of technology-based authentic assessment strategies; and 4.) Instruction to students in healthy eating habits, good nutrition, and health.



$ 300,425

Turtle Lake School District --
The Turtle Lake School District serves students in rural Barron County in Wisconsin. This project proposes to serve all K-12 grade students. The anticipated outcomes of the project are to improve the lifelong fitness and health of all students. Project goals are to: 1.) decrease the number of students who are considered “obese” and “overweight” by 10% each year of the grant; 2.) implement 60 minutes of active time per day for K-10 students through the updated PE curriculum and during recess, lunch, and homeroom; 3.) convert the current weight room into a 7-12 fitness center and increase access to that fitness center through partnerships; 4.) increase fruit and vegetable consumption K-12; and 5.) implement a greenhouse project that will teach the lifelong benefits of gardening.



$ 786,257

Royall School District -- The Royall School District, with nearly 30 community partners will implement a project that, among other objectives, will: 1.) Develop and integrate a formal, written PE curriculum aligned with State Standards, focused on health-related fitness, and that provides a rich experience for students in core fitness, cardiovascular conditioning, lifetime pursuits, adventure education; 2.) Develop and integrate a standards-based and sequential nutrition education curriculum in grades K-12; 3.) Revamp the school lunch program to align with the HealthierUS Challenge and utilizing the Chefs Move to Schools Program, Active and Healthy Schools; 4.) Launch a widespread Social Marketing Campaign designed to change the culture of school and community to healthier norms; (5) Integrate more authentic assessment methods that serve to improve students’ ability to meet State Standards and support development of a consistent assessment system that utilizes a web-based database and interactive Personal Health-Related Fitness Portfolios.



$ 359,943

Whitewater Unified School District -- The Whitewater Unified School District (WUSD) in Wisconsin will implement "Whitewater Take it to Heart" for students in grades K-12. Whitewater Take it to Heart is focused on six goals: updating PE and nutrition curriculum, increasing nutrition instruction, developing an assessment system, updating fitness and nutrition equipment, creating program infrastructure and building community partnerships. The project goals and objectives were developed using a multidisciplinary group to self-assess the district using the School Health Index and student data. Whitewater Take it to Heart includes detailed implementation and sustainability program design for each of the goals as well as participation in both competitive preferences.



$ 336,144

Greenbrier County Schools -- The LEA will implement the CHOICES (Children’s Health Opportunities Involving Coordinated Efforts in Schools) project to develop, implement, and evaluate an integrated approach for improving adolescent health using complimentary intervention strategies and settings (schools, communities, and health care). The school component focuses on the development of a standards-based, middle school curriculum in health and physical education that includes frequent opportunities for physical activity before, during, and after-school. The community component complements school health and PE through the identification of available resources, formation of collaborative partnerships, and initiation of joint-access agreements regarding facility and equipment use. The health care component provides a mechanism for monitoring risk of chronic disease and provides families prevention and treatment strategies according to standardized national protocol.

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Last Modified: 09/30/2011