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Annual Performance Report Letter to Talent Search Project Directors

October 2020

Dear Talent Search Project Director:

It is time to prepare the Annual Performance Report (APR) for your Talent Search (TS) project for program year 2019-20, the fourth reporting year of the 2016–21 grant cycle.  As you may recall from my letter of September 9, 2020, this year our “go-live” date for the APR will be October 16, 2020, with a due date of November 13, 2020.  These dates are earlier than last year’s due to OMB’s expiration date of November 30, 2020 for the APR data form and instructions.  (We anticipate approval for an updated APR by approximately January 2021.) It is very important that you meet the November 13 deadline.

Beginning October 16, please visit our contractor’s website,, to access the web application.  Note, though, that the contractor’s site is not designed to provide comprehensive instructions on completing the report; be sure to read and follow the full instructions provided on the TS Annual Performance Report page of the TRIO website

Review and Submit: The APR contains four numbered sections, all of which need to be completed. In addition, the “Review and Submit” section helps you to ensure accuracy and completeness.  In Step 2 of the “Review and Submit” section, you should click on the “View APR (PDF File)” link to display a printable version of the entire APR, including PE points.  If you discover that some data is incorrect, or that the PE report is not what you had expected, click on the appropriate section tab at the top of the website page to make corrections. 

Please note that you must scan and upload the signed copy of the Section I Cover Page within five business days after final submission of your online APR. Should you have any issues or concerns with uploading the Section I Cover Page, please contact the Help Desk for assistance at (703) 885-8008 or email at

If you need to revise the APR after it has been submitted, please contact the Help Desk. Once the November 13 deadline for the APR has occurred, you may not modify the report, except under exceptional circumstances and with the approval of TRIO staff.

For any questions regarding the APR requirements, please contact your program specialist directly; to ascertain your program specialist's name, telephone number, and email address, please visit the TS Contacts page.

Thank you for the time, effort, and dedication you devote to the performance reporting period each year and for your commitment to providing complete and accurate data. Please retain source documents in a readily accessible form so that they can be verified during an on-site visit.

Craig Pooler
GEAR UP and TRIO Talent Search Division
Student Service


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Last Modified: 05/03/2022