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  • Postsecondary Degree Completion Rates Among Students on the Upward Bound/Upward Bound Math-Science to Student Support Services Pathway PDF (957KB)

  • Fast Facts Report for the Student Support Services Program PDF (302K)

  • Persistence and Completion in Postsecondary Education of Participants in the TRIO Student Support Services Program MS Word (920K) | PDF (813K)

  • National Evaluation of Student Support Services: Examination of Student Outcomes After Six Years (2010) compares the educational outcomes of Student Support Services (SSS) program participants and non-SSS program participants six years after enrolling in college as first-year students.

    • Full Report download files PDF (1.97MB)

  • Student Service Organization

  • Program Specialists

  • Current Low-Income Levels

  • Prior-Year Low-Income Levels

  • A Profile of the Federal TRIO Programs and Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program: 2008 download files MS Word (446K) | PDF (267K)

  • Program Profiles

    • An Interim Report on the Student Support Services Program: 2002-03 and 2003-04, With Select Data From 1998-2002 download files MS Word (3.2MB) | PDF (541K)

    • A Profile of the Student Support Services Program: 1998-1999 Through 2001-2002 download files MS Word (1.04 MB) | PDF (770K)

    • A Profile of the Student Support Services Program: 1997-99 download files MS Word (1.9 MB) | PDF (706K)

  • The office of Federal TRIO Programs partnered with the Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC) Foundation to distribute Realizing the College Dream, a guide that supports teachers, counselors, and community-based organization staffs in their work to increase the expectations of attending college by low-income, first-generation college students and their families. A free copy of the guide can be downloaded on the ECMC Educator resources page.

  • Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE): Applicant and Grantee Resources

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