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Performance and Efficiency Measure Results: 2008-09

The Department has calculated persistence, graduation and efficiency measures based upon the 2008-09 annual performance reports submitted by grantees. However, unlike years past where the freshmen cohort was based on a participant’s current grade level at the end of the reporting period, beginning with the 2008-09 GPRA, the freshmen cohort is defined as the participant’s grade level at entry into the project. The grade level at project entry is a better suited field to determine the participant’s grade level (i.e., freshman) because it captures a participant’s grade level at entry into the project which is a more accurate measurement of grade progression.

The 2008-09 results include grantee-level persistence and graduation rates.

  • Grantee Performance and Efficiency Measures: Background; Introduction; Selected Findings; Data Limitations; and Methodology
    download files MS Word (101K) | PDF (334K)

  • Grantee Performance and Efficiency Tables: Persistence; Graduation Rates at Two- and Four-Year Institutions; and Efficiency Measures
    download files MS Excel (627K)

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Last Modified: 04/19/2012