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Alternative Routes to Certification


Innovations in Education: Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification
This booklet identifies the elements of promising alternative route to certification programs and provides case studies of six programs, some of which have received Transition to Teaching grants.

Transition to Teaching Grant Program: 2002 Cohort Case Studies
download files PDF (345KB)
This report provides case studies of eight Transition to Teaching projects funded in 2002. Prepared by the American Institutes for Research (AIR), the report is one component of an overall evaluation of the Transition to Teaching program. This report describes the selection process for the eight sites and provides a snapshot of each; discusses major themes emerging from the studies and their relationship to what is known more generally about alternative certification programs; and presents in-depth information about each site in order to highlight the distinctive approaches used across the United States. disclaimerDisclaimer

Federal Student Aid Available for Individuals Enrolled in Alternative Routes to Teacher Certification
This document outlines how individuals considering alternative routes to teacher certification may be eligible for federal student aid support and provides details on Federal Pell Grants, Federal Perkins Loans and/or the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) and Direct Stafford Loan Programs.

Profile of Alternate Route Teachers
This recent survey of participants in alterative route to certification programs provides a demographic profile of the men and women who are choosing to become certified teachers through these means around the country. disclaimerDisclaimer

A Difficult Balance: Incentives and Quality Control in Alternative Certification download files PDF-[756KB]
This study, which was conducted in 2002, focuses on a sample of 13 alternative certification program sites in four states (California, Connecticut, Louisiana, Massachusetts). The states were selected for the varying degree of involvement and control that each exercised in the design and operation of their programs, ranging from a highly centralized approach in which the state operated its own alternative certification program to a highly decentralized approach in which the state approved all programs that satisfied basic requirements and then allowed them to operate on their own. disclaimerDisclaimer

Selected Features from The Education Innovator


American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence
American Board certification is available for individuals first entering the teaching field, as well as for experienced teachers. Here you will find state by state certification information and learn more about the Passport to Teaching certification for individuals entering the teaching field.

National Association for Alternative Certification (NAAC)
NAAC is a membership organization encouraging standards-driven programs for alternative routes to certification/licensure. The organization seeks to provide networking opportunities for those interested in alternative routes to certification and to exchange information regarding best practices, funding and relevant research.

National Center for Alternative Certification (NCAC)
NCAC provides a clearinghouse of information about alternative routes to certification in the United States. Provides descriptions of all alternative routes to certification in each state, as well as answers to frequently asked questions for individuals interested in becoming teachers, as well as for policymakers, legislators, educators, researchers and members of the public.

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Last Modified: 08/21/2012