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Transition to Teaching

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Alternative Routes to Certification: Publications, articles and organizations that discuss alternative route programs and the teachers they produce.

Teacher Recruitment and Preparation: Several resources that focus on effective practices in teacher recruitment and preparation.

Teacher Quality: and organizations that provide recent research on efforts to increase teacher quality.

The Wallace Foundation as a resource: is your source for research and ideas for expanding high quality learning and enrichment opportunities. disclaimerDisclaimer

Related U.S. Department of Education Programs: Additional Federal programs aimed at increasing teacher quality in the nation's schools.

Transition to Teaching Program Evaluation: Interim report on the FY 2004 Grantees. - comprehensive directory of Bachelors in Education and Alternative Certification / Post -Baccalaureate / Master's degree programs, for people who want to become teachers. disclaimerDisclaimer

Last Modified: 08/10/2012