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2011 New York Grantee Abstract

Grantee Name:Internationals Network for Public Schools
Project Name:International School-Based Teacher Apprenticeship, Recruitment and Training Urban Teacher Residency Model
Project Director:Claire Sylvan  212-865-5180
Partner Districts/LEAs:New York City Department of Education

PROJECT ABSTRACTThe I-START-LIU Urban Teacher Residency Program is a collaboration between Long Island University’s (LIU) highly respected School of Education for teacher preparation, Internationals Network for Public Schools (Internationals Network or INPS), an award-winning non-profit whose professional development services to school leaders and teachers result in high ELL graduation and college going rates as well as outstanding teacher retention rates, and the high needs LEA of New York City Department of Education (DOE). Internationals Network will place program graduates in cohorts across all high needs schools in NYC.

In collaboration with the NYC DOE, this program focuses recruitment efforts to bring in a strong cadre of well-screened high potential residents, including Peace Corps returnees, recent college graduates with strong academic backgrounds and content specialty areas, professionals in mid-career, and paraprofessionals in education and other fields. Candidates who are accepted into the program will have high interest in ESL education, working with diverse cultures and immigrant students, and many will speak multiple languages.

Residents will work side-by-side with a mentor teacher for one full year in a partner school in order to gain the necessary expertise and preliminary certification to successfully teach students while simultaneously enrolled in master’s degree education classes which are aligned in content and pedagogical approach with the instructional approach in the classrooms where residents are placed. After 24 months of University coursework, which begins in the fall concurrent with their residency year, program participants will be awarded a TESOL MS ED. Additionally, all residents will take part in school and cross-partner school professional development events and programs, be placed in a high needs partner school as a teacher of record, and receive two years of mentor and instructional coach support in their first two years as teachers of record.

Our two overarching program goals are to (1) develop a pipeline of highly qualified and competent ESL teachers equipped to improve student academic achievement, and (2) the creation of a New York City Department of Education sponsored program that partners Internationals Network, high needs schools with large populations of ELL students and LIU. This leveraging of expertise in developing and implementing this alternative teacher education program in TESOL will extend the successful education model used in the International High Schools which has 4-year graduation rates averaging 68%.

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Last Modified: 10/04/2011