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2011 Minnesota Grant Abstract

Grantee Name:Hamline University of Minnesota -- Hamline School of Education
Project Name:Twin Cities Teacher Collaborative (TC2) STEM Residency
Project Director:Laura Mogelson  651-523-2596
Partner Districts/LEAs:Minneapolis, St. Paul


Lead partner: Hamline University: Twin Cities Teacher Collaborative (TC2) Collaborative partners: Augsburg College, Bethel University, Concordia University-St. Paul, St. Catherine University, University of St. Thomas.

Summary of goals, expected outcomes, project activities, and special features: The Twin Cities Teacher Collaborative (TC2), a consortium of six private institutions of higher learning, is a unique teacher preparation initiative in Minnesota designed to reduce educational disparities and increase the number of learners who attend post-secondary school through a radical redesign of teacher preparation programs in Minnesota. The collaborative is developing a new evidence informed, post-baccalaureate urban teacher residency program.

With a Transition to Teaching grant, TC2 will address one of our region’s greatest gaps –a shortage in highly qualified STEM teachers in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Public Schools where overall student competency in mathematics and science are 30-40% lower than the state average. TC2 will recruit, prepare, support, and license 60 highly qualified STEM teachers working with trained mentor teachers in two high-need urban K-12 school districts over five years. TC2 will recruit TTT scholars from recent STEM graduates of our six colleges/universities. These pre-service teachers will receive a TTT stipend to participate in TC2’s intensive year-long post-baccalaureate STEM Residency. Key features of the TC2 STEM Residency include: a nine-month co-teaching experience with a trained mentor teacher; integrated coursework emphasizing cultural competence and differentiation; continuous assessment; and an intense focus on specialized STEM teaching content. At completion of the residency, TC2 STEM residents will receive a license in the following high-need subject areas: Elementary with a STEM focus; 5-12 Mathematics; or 9-12 Physics, Chemistry, Earth/Space Science, or Life Science. Participants will receive three years of induction support in their teaching position.

The TC2 model combines three strands of evidence-informed approaches to prepare effective STEM teachers: specialized content teaching knowledge; cultural competence; and an urban teacher residency model. Data from both our TTT evaluation, as well as from the longitudinal value-added regional study in which TC2 is participating, will contribute to the nation’s dialogue on linking teacher preparation to student learning.

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Last Modified: 10/04/2011