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New York 2009 Grantee Abstract

Grantee Name:New Visions for Public Schools
Project Name:New York City Urban Teacher Residency
Project Director:Eadie Wilson 212-645-5110
Partner Districts/LEAs:New York City Department of Education

The New Visions for Public Schools-Hunter College Urban Teacher Residency (UTR) will serve the New York City public school system. The 75 schools affiliated with New Visions for Public Schools, which serve more than 34,000 students, will be the primary target of support. The goal of the program is to improve student achievement in these high-need, urban schools. The New Visions for Public Schools-Hunter College UTR is a new, alternative certification pathway in New York City that closely aligns graduate school coursework with real teaching experiences. The program will (1) prepare and certify up to 72 new science and English teachers (up to 24 a year over three years) – recruited from a candidate pool of mid-career professionals and recent college graduates – through a 14-month training program resulting in a Master’s Degree in Adolescent Education from Hunter College; and (2) provide ongoing support to these new teachers and their schools, leading to improved instruction and higher teacher retention rates (92% at the end of one year; 80% at the end of three years). Aspiring teachers, called residents, will participate in an intensive teacher preparation and certification program that integrates master’s level coursework at Hunter College with a full-year residency in a trained mentor teacher’s classroom. After the residency year, successful graduates of the program will receive their New York State Professional Teaching Certificate and be hired by a New Visions’ school, where they will continue to receive intensive support from New Visions, school-based mentors, school leaders, and peers.

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Last Modified: 07/01/2009