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New York 2007 Grantee Abstracts

Grantee Name:Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
Project Name:Transitions to Teaching for Special Education Teaching Fellows at Long Island University
Project Director:Candy Systra 718-780-4572
Partner Districts/LEAs:NYC DOE Districts: 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and 32

The Transitions to Teaching for Special Education Teaching Fellows at Long Island University Program is a collaborative between The New York City Department of Education and The School of Education at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus. The program will develop and retain special education teachers for high needs schools in high needs Brooklyn, NY districts. Ninety mid-career changers or recent college graduates will begin their preparation each year. Over five years, the program will enroll 450 highly qualified future teachers. Candidates will participate in a master's degree program that will enable participants to complete degree and certification requirements in 42 semester hours of coursework and classroom teaching. Program objectives include: development of an innovative approach to educate thoughtful and productive teachers; comprehensive field consulting and an intense seminar in student teaching for the practicing teacher; close alignment with NYC DOE assessment-driven pedagogy; provision of a teacher resource center providing material and collegial resources to the new teachers; and creation of an evaluation/steering committee that will develop innovative evaluations of the program. The program aims to prepare teachers dedicated to work in high needs districts for at least three years; increase the number of educators in the fields of elementary, middle school and adolescent special education; and contribute new approaches to the education of teachers.

Grantee Name:The New Teacher Project
Project Name:Multi-City Initiative to Hire Outstanding Teachers
Project Director:Layla Avila 562-946-3114
Partner Districts/LEAs:Cleveland Municipal School District, Denver Public Schools, Phoenix consortium (Murphy, Osborn, Phoenix and Roosevelt elementary school districts), Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Oakland Unified School District, and St. Paul Public Schools

The New Teacher Project (TNTP) is creating, implementing and managing alternate route to certification programs in six cities to recruit, select, train, place and support successive cohorts of mid-career professionals and recent college graduates as new teachers. The new programs in Cleveland, Denver, Phoenix and St. Paul are recruiting and preparing cohorts of 40-50 new teachers (30-50 in St. Paul) per site per year for five years; in Miami and Oakland, the initiatives are recruiting and preparing 20-25 new teachers per district for specific subsets of schools. In total, the new programs will bring 950-1,250 new teachers to partner districts' high-need subject areas and hard-to-staff schools. The new teachers will benefit from an accelerated pathway to certification, beginning with an intensive pre-service training experience, continuing throughout their initial years as teachers, and ending with full certification (pending successful completion of requirements) within one to three years. Training—including a pre-service institute, coursework, mentoring, and classroom experience—will be implemented jointly by TNTP, the districts, and partner universities. In Denver, TNTP and Denver Public Schools are launching an innovative pilot teacher mentorship and coaching approach involving dedicated, full-time induction coaches who provide and coordinate multiyear differentiated, job-embedded supports.

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Last Modified: 04/08/2008