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North Carolina 2007 Grantee Abstract

Grantee Name:Wake County Public School System
Project Name:TEACH-UP Program
Project Director:Shelia Bennett 919-854-1698
Partner Districts/LEAs:Wake County Public School System

The TEACH-UP Program is an alternative teaching program partnership between Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) and the following five institutions of higher education: North Carolina State University, Peace College, Shaw University, Saint Augustine's College, Wake Technical Community College and the NC Model Teacher Education Consortium. The program will utilize a "Grow Your Own" model to recruit and prepare at least 25 paraprofessionals each year. The selected TEACH-UP paraprofessionals who possess bachelor's degrees will receive two highly structured, accelerated years of preparation to assist them in moving "UP" to the next level of teaching in one of our high-needs schools. These 125 participants will teach in one of the high-needs subject areas identified as math, science, special education, English as a Second Language, foreign language and elementary education. One of the special features of our program will be to offer a dual certification in elementary education and special education. Participants will receive extensive support through monthly staff development meetings, mentoring/coaching support from veteran teachers, National Board Certified teachers, and alternative certified teachers; no-cost PRAXIS exam workshops; and administrator assistance. Participants will continue to receive support for two additional years as beginning classroom teachers. In order to promote sustainability, the program staff will establish an institutional infrastructure among partnering agencies and seek fiscal resources to continue operations beyond the grant performance period.

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Last Modified: 04/07/2008