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California 2006 Grant Abstracts

Grantee Name:California State University - Dominguez Hills
Project Director:Kamal Hamdan 310-243-3981

California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH) is creating a Transition to Teaching (TTT) program to recruit, prepare, place, and retain 150 highly qualified new mathematics and science teachers in the low performing, high-need Los Angeles Unified and Lynwood Unified School Districts. Participants will receive a preliminary teaching credential in one year while working as university "intern teachers" in Professional Development Centers within the district. Candidates in this university intern teaching pool will be able to earn a salary as they work toward their preliminary credential. CSUDH will recruit Liberal Studies majors with 15 or more credit hours in mathematics or science to participate in an accelerated pathway that earns them 32 hours for subject matter authorization. The program also offers paraprofessionals a structured, rapid pathway via CSUDH's Liberal Studies program to a bachelor's degree as well as a teaching credential through the TTT program. A partnership with a state-funded program that recruits community college students with mathematics and science backgrounds also will be incorporated into the CSUDH program. Finally, a preparation class will be made available for qualified career-changers and recent graduates to better equip them for the California Subject Examination for Teachers.

Grantee Name:California State University, Fullerton Auxiliary Services Corporation
Project Name:On Track Transition To Teaching Program
Project Director:Barbara Glaeser 714-278-4711

The On Track Transition to Teaching Program is a joint effort of the California State University at Fullerton (CSU Fullerton) and the Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) to recruit paraprofessionals into a professional teaching track in high-need areas. SAUSD has a specific need for credentialed Education Specialists. On Track gives participants the opportunity to become special education teachers concentrated in mathematics and science, and sponsors 25 undergraduates who are also paraprofessionals in SAUSD. Participants will be provided with training in the support of individuals with disabilities. To assist participants in attaining an alternative certification, On Track will provide a CSU Fullerton Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services, and a Specialist Credential from the Department of Special Education.

Grantee Name:California State University, Long Beach Foundation
Project Name:Star Teachers for Students' Academic Success Project (STSASP)
Project Director:Kim Oanh Nguyen-Lam, Ph.D. 562-985-5806

The Center for Language Minority Education and Research (CLMER) at California State University of Long Beach (CSULB) and the Orange County Department of Education's (OCDE) Alternative Education Office have partnered to form the Star Teachers for Students' Academic Success Project (STSASP). This project is focused on recruiting, preparing, and supporting teachers interested in alternative teaching programs, leaving its participants with solid subject matter knowledge and research-based instructional skills in English language development. Seventy-five teacher candidates will be recruited and prepared from among two pools: (1) mid-career professionals with bachelor's degrees in various fields who are already working as substitutes within OCDE alternative education programs, and (2) bilingual recent college graduates with degrees in mathematics, science, history, foreign language, and English. By incorporating the needs of at-risk students into CSULB's teacher education program, and providing regular on-site mentoring for all candidates, STSASP promises to yield a positive impact for current and future OCDE participants' success through its clear focus on recruiting teacher candidates who are qualified and committed to serving the most at-risk populations.

Grantee Name:Stockton Unified School District
Project Name:Stockton Unified School District Transition to Teaching Project
Project Director:Sandra Trucco 209-478-5147

The Stockton Unified School District (SUSD) Transition to Teaching Project will recruit highly qualified mid-career professionals, recent college graduates, and paraprofessionals and prepare them to become district teachers through either university- or district-sponsored alternative credentialing programs. Transition to Teaching will recruit at least 30 qualified individuals each year who have expertise in high-need subjects (i.e., mathematics, special education, English language arts, and science) for these internships. All of the eligible college and post-college candidates will be enrolled in an alternative credentialing program and hired by SUSD. Ninety percent of these individuals will be placed in high-need academic areas. Ten SUSD paraprofessionals will be enrolled in baccalaureate programs every year to receive credentials in high-need subjects. Of the paraprofessionals who receive their bachelors' degrees, 85 percent will be hired by SUSD to teach high-need subjects and will participate in the alternative credentialing programs. All SUSD program participants will be fully credentialed within two years of enrolling in the alternative programs, be supervised by school and university mentors while completing their alternative credentialing coursework, and be retained as SUSD teachers for at least three years.

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Last Modified: 06/19/2008