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California - 2004 Grantee Abstracts

Grantee Name:California State University - Dominguez Hills
Project Name:Transition to Teaching for Immigrant Professionals Program
Project Director:Kamal Hamdan 310-243-3981

Following a Professional Development School Model, this program expands capacity to recruit, prepare, support, and retain highly qualified mathematics, science, and special education teachers in high-need districts in the Los Angeles Unified School District. One hundred and twenty participants (60 in mathematics and science and 60 in special education with expertise in mathematics and science ) will attain a preliminary credential in less than a year, while teaching as university interns in 10 high schools and feeder middle schools plus two K-12 schools. Targeted recruits include immigrant professionals and contracted teachers without a preliminary credential currently teaching K-12 students. Because the majority of teacher candidates are to teach in urban schools with multicultural students, University coursework and field experiences address the needs of English language learners and diverse learning styles. The program provides extensive opportunities to learn state academic standards, use instructional materials, and apply pedagogical knowledge in the teaching of K-12 students.

Grantee Name:Mojave Unified School District
Project Name:Project RISE (Recruiting, Inducting, and Supporting Education)
Project Director:Susan Wiggins 661-824-4001

Project RISE (Recruiting, Inducting, and Supporting Education), a local, LEA-based program drawing on area residents, serves a remote rural area marked by high poverty and low academic performance. Project RISE works to streamline teacher hiring systems in the Mojave Unified School District. Project RISE targets approximately 400 teacher candidates drawn from qualified county paraprofessional staff, recent college graduates, and mid-career professionals to engage in a fast-track training program. California State University, Bakersfield provides distance learning and mentorship. Participants are supported through their first two years through ongoing professional development, mentoring, and efforts designed to ensure successful teaching experiences.

Grantee Name:Riverside County Office of Education
Project Name:RAPPORT: Recruitment And Placement Program to Obtain and Retain Teachers
Project Director:Linda Childress 951-826-6632

RAPPORT (Recruitment and Placement Program to Obtain and Retain Teachers) will increase the number of outstanding public school teachers available to teach high-need subjects in rural districts serving highly diverse, low-income student populations made up chiefly of Vietnamese, Hispanic, and other English language learners. Seventy non-traditional candidates, including mid-career professionals with substantial career experience, highly qualified paraprofessionals, and recent college graduates will be selected for an alternative certification program enabling them to become successful teachers of English, mathematics, science, and special education. A goal of the program is to retain teachers for at least three years, during which time they will receive continuous support. Another goal of the program is to exapnd to other districts in subsequent years. In addition, the program has a team of individuals from the participating districts that are working to 1) improve processes for identifying and posting vacancies; 2) review applications and notify candidates of interviews; 3) notify candidates of offers of employment; and 4) develop an electronic tracking system. By working together, these districts hope to decrease the barriers that keep highly motivated and qualified individuals from the teaching profession and increase the number of outstanding, highly qualified teachers in their respective districts.

Grantee Name:San Joaquin Office of Education
Project Name:Project NSIE (North/South IMPACT Expansion)
Project Director:Catherine Kearney 209-468-9116

Project NSIE (North/South IMPACT Expansion) extends an existing alternative certification program for teachers to nine new districts serving high numbers of students below the poverty line. Over five years, 355 highly qualified teachers drawn from paraprofessionals already working in schools as teachers' aides and new college graduates will be placed in K-12 schools. Participants will be supported by course instructors who are practicing teachers, practicum supervisors who are selected from newly retired master teachers, and on-site peer mentors. NSIE and district partners share responsibility for recruitment, which emphasizes efforts to enroll teachers in core academic subjects for high-need LEAs who are members of the consortium. This project works to streamline the hiring practices in all participating school districts.

Grantee Name:The New Teacher Project
Project Name:East/West Teacher Recruitment Initiative
Project Director:Layla Avila 562-946-3114

The New Teacher Project is partnering with two major urban school districts - Miami (Florida) and Oakland (California) - to create alternate routes to certification in order to attract graduates and mid-career professionals to teach in the high-need subject areas of mathematics, science and special education. The Oakland initiative focuses primarily on recruiting individuals interested in and eligible to teach special education, the district's highest need. A total of 300 new teachers (yearly cohorts of 40 to 50 for each district) will be intensively trained to serve in high-need schools. Each cohort receives two years of supporting activities focused on retention. The New Teacher Project has launched more than 40 specialized teacher recruitment, preparation, and support programs in 22 states, reflecting a belief that talented citizens will dedicate themselves to improving public education given opportunity and support.

Grantee Name:Tulare County Office of Education
Project Name:Project IMPACT
Project Director:Jeanne Nava 559-733-6306

Four cohorts of 35 teachers each will be recruited from non-traditional candidate pools for either of two alternative credentialing programs, university-based internships, or Project IMPACT. The project, in a consortium of 88 high-need LEAs, streamlines hiring systems and institutionalizes system-wide changes aimed to match highly qualified teachers with at-risk students in safety net and low-performing high-need schools. The project trains LEAs in data management for recruitment and retention through the online Ed-Join system; trains administrators including superintendents, human resource personnel, and principals; provides mentoring and training for teachers; and requires each LEA to develop recruitment and retention plans specific to local needs and coordinated with regional and state support.

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