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New York 2002 Grant Abstracts

Grantee Name:Discovery Institute - College of Staten Island/CUNY
Project Name:Discovery Institute
Project Website:
Project Director:Dr. Irina Lyublinskaya 718-982-2325
Project Co-Director:Dr. James W. Sanders 718-982-2325

This grant is part of a larger teacher recruitment and development program conducted by the College of Staten Island's Discovery Institute. In the Transition to Teaching project, high performing non-teacher education college seniors who are having doubts about their career plans are targeted. They are recruited during their senior year into a separately funded "Teaching Scholar" program in which they work an average of 10 hours weekly assisting master teachers in their classrooms. Those who are attracted by this experience to pursue teaching as a career are enrolled after graduation in a State approved alternative route to certification which includes an intensive program of courses and classroom experience during the summer after graduation, placement in a high-need school in September, a year-long practicum course designed to prepare and review classroom lessons on a week-to-week basis during their first year of teaching, on-site mentoring from retired New York City exemplary teachers, and pursuit of a master's degree in teacher education. They also participate in small group curriculum development workshops, and get continuous use of the Discovery Institute teacher center, which includes consultants, computer and science laboratories, and seminar rooms.

Grantee Name:Mercy College
Project Name:HEADS-UP: High- Quality Educators to Advance District Schools
Project Director:Constance Bond 212-615-3368

One hundred and twenty mid-career professionals and recent college graduates, with academic backgrounds in areas other than teacher preparation, are being recruited and enrolled in this alternative teacher certification program that leads to a master's degree in education and full state certification. They will primarily be placed in critical teacher shortage areas of mathematics, general sciences, bilingual education, English as a Second Language (ESL), and special education in Regions 1 and 2 in the Bronx. A variety of academic and support services are provided, including mentoring and continuing professional development, to ensure that these new teachers are retained during the first critical years of service.

Grantee Name:New York City Department of Education
Project Name:Paraprofessional Accelerated Transition to Teaching (PATT)
Project Website:
Project Director:Kathleen Ruta 718-935-3450

Two hundred and forty highly qualified paraprofessionals will be recruited over five years for this program to teach in New York City Public Schools. They will receive tuition scholarships for a New York State approved Master's degree program for teacher interns. All successful participants will be placed in high-need schools in shortage areas and will receive in-service professional development during their first years of teaching.

Grantee Name:New York State Education Department
Project Name:Transition to Teaching Program
Project Director:Barbara Downs 518-474-4198

New York State is providing funding from this grant to independent teacher preparation institutions partnering with the New York City Teaching Fellows Program for the purpose of expanding the program. Successful participants are placed in New York City schools. Approximately 400 additional teachers will be prepared over four years.

Please Note: This grant has ended.

Grantee Name:Niagara Falls Board Of Education
Project Name:Transition to Teaching Project
Project Director:Maria Miklitsch

This program recruits mid-career and soon-to-be retired professionals who have work experience in high need subject fields and who have academic preparation in appropriate areas. Downsizing in this community has created an over-abundance of engineers, chemists and other scientists who are being targeted for this program. In addition, independent and parochial school teachers, college professors and instructors, and recent college graduates with outstanding academic backgrounds in fields other than education are being recruited. All successful participants will eventually teach in the Niagara Falls School district, which provides recruits with personal support needed to ease their transition to a new career. This support includes appropriate short-term training in such areas as pedagogy and classroom management, technology training, and co-teaching, observation and consultation with experienced teachers.

Grantee Name:Research Foundation of CUNY/Lehman College
Project Name:Paraeducator Transition to Teaching
Project Director:Maria Victoria Rodriguez 718-960-8149

Seventy highly qualified para-educators will be recruited over five years and provided with individualized academic assessment and advisement to determine the most efficient path to a bachelor's degree and New York Teacher Certification. Participating students receive a laptop, a summer stipend to allow uninterrupted attention to studies, and support in the effective use of technology. Weekend, evening, and summer classes are offered. Support networks have been established, and program participants are involved in existing learning communities in the Bronx portion of the Harlem-Bronx Empowerment Zone.

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