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Louisiana 2002 Grant Abstracts

Grantee Name:The University of New Orleans
Project Name:Teach Greater New Orleans
Project Director:William Sharpton 504-280-1397

The objective of Teach Greater New Orleans is to recruit 64 new teachers each year to teach in greater New Orleans, Louisiana. Coming from other careers or as recent college graduates who studied a field other than education, participants are being recruited for three high-need areas: science education (grades 7-12), mathematics education (grades 7-12), and special education (mild/moderate disabilities in all grade levels). Thematic coursework, intensive field experiences, multi-year mentoring, peer assistance, and active recruiting are all components of the program. A follow-up mechanism is being developed to ensures that all teachers are effective.

Grantee Name:Xavier University
Project Name:Fast Track to Teaching
Project Website:
Project Director:Dr. Renee' Akbar 504-520-7536

Fast Track to Teaching is an alternate route to teacher certification run by Xavier University of Louisiana through its Division of Education. This graduate program is for candidates with undergraduate degrees in areas other than education. It includes free tuition and tutoring for success on teacher licensure tests. Participants have the benefit of mentors as they transition into the teaching profession. An overall goal is to increase the number of highly qualified minority teachers in the areas of mathematics, science, and special education to teach in the New Orleans area.

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Last Modified: 11/13/2008