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Kentucky 2002 Grant Abstracts

Grantee Name:Campbellsville University
Project Name:Teacher Routes to Alternative Certification (TRAC)
Project Director:Norma R. Wheat 270-789-5169

Campbellsville University is partnering with 26 high-need school districts to recruit, train, place, and retain 40 highly qualified learning and behavior disorder teachers per year for five years. To date, candidates enrolled or that have graduated from the program represent 88 high-need school districts within the state. The program targets college graduates with academic backgrounds in areas other than teacher preparation, mid-career professionals, and highly qualified paraprofessionals with two years of classroom experience and a minimum of 90 college credit hours. Teacher Routes to Alternative Certification (TRAC) offers both an undergraduate and a graduate degree program leading to teacher certification in learning and behavior disorders. The TRAC program provides online courses, field experiences, teleconferencing, classroom applications, and on-site mentors. Students have access to an extensive virtual library of resources and references, participate in chat sessions with other classmates, complete hands-on applications, and conduct field experiences within special education classrooms.

Grantee Name:Green River Regional Education Cooperative
Project Name:Transition to Teaching
Project Website:
Project Director:Liz Storey 270-745-2451

The Green River Regional Educational Cooperative (GRREC) works with Western Kentucky University (WKU) and 19 high-need Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) in the GRREC consortium to recruit, train, place, and support 89 highly qualified local mid-career professionals and recent college graduates through four cadres. Candidates commit to teach for three years, participate in WKU's 14-month Alternate Route to Teacher certification program, and complete the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP). They also are supported by a number of mentoring and induction strategies, including sustained professional development, internships and coaching, and will be certified by the Kentucky Educational Professional Standards Board.

Grantee Name:University of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.
Project Name:Louisville Regional Partnership for Teacher Recruitment and Retention (LRPTRR)
Project Director:Gina Schack 502-852-0581

The Louisville Regional Partnership for Teacher Recruitment and Retention (LRPTRR) recruits 40 highly qualified recent college graduates, mid-career professionals, and paraprofessionals each year. Candidates begin their academic work in June, participate in a school district orientation and are assigned mentors in August, meet regularly with their university- and school-based mentors, and are fully certified the following May. LRPTRR offers simplification and streamlining of admissions procedures and program requirements, provision of mentoring and support at the university through a program coordinator, in schools through university-based content mentors and school-based teacher mentors, ongoing school-based professional development, improved alignment of university admission and school district hiring systems, a number of research studies that yield information for program improvement, and an increased number of minority candidates in the pipeline for teacher education programs.

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Last Modified: 04/08/2008