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The Teaching American History Evaluation: Final Report (2011) provides findings on a study of the Teaching American History (TAH) program, a Federal grant program that provides funds to local school districts to develop and operate three-year professional development projects to improve the teaching of American history.




The U.S. Department of Education's Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development awarded a contract to SRI International to conduct a descriptive evaluation of the Teaching American History (TAH) Program. In particular, the Department asked SRI to examine three broad areas: (1) the types of activities that TAH grantees are implementing; (2) the content of those activities, including the specific subjects and areas of American history on which projects are focusing; and (3) the characteristics and qualifications of teachers participating in the activities. Findings are based on surveys of program participants and project directors as well as case studies of projects and analyses of program documents, and a pilot study of lesson plans produced by program participants. The results of the study were published in September 2005.

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