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Wyoming 2007 Grant Abstract
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Grantee Name:Natrona County School District #1, WY
Project Name:Wyoming AHCC (American History Cowboy Coalition)
Project Director:Kimberly L. Ibach
Number of Teachers Served:75
Number of School Districts Served:48
Number of Students Served:85,000
Grade Levels:4, 8, 11, 12
Partners:The Wyoming Department of Education, University of Wyoming, the Wyoming Historical Society, PBS-Wyoming, the Organization of American Historians, and the Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History
Topics:Continuity and Change in U.S. History: Westward Expansion, Conservationism, the U.S. Founding and U.S. Government, and Civil Rights
Methods:Instructional courses, communities of practice with study groups and online networks, mentoring, and resources

This project seeks to meet the professional development needs of Wyoming's American history teachers, the vast majority of whom serve in geographically isolated schools with few resources. This project builds on a successful model for providing Wyoming's teachers with content-rich, hands-on teaching instruction designed to improve student interest, comprehension, and achievement. Teacher participants will become teacher leaders in their schools through a blended approach to professional development that effectively connects teachers with the subject matter, program partners, and each other. AHCC's overarching theme, "Continuity and Change" aligns with national and state history standards. The unit on Westward Expansion includes Manifest Destiny, trails west, gold fever, pioneer life, American Indian and settler interactions, the impact on natural resources, the role of religion, global ramifications, the relevance of Western history to the modern world, and minority rights. The unit on conservationism examines Theodore Roosevelt, national parks, and public land use. The unit on U.S. Founding and U.S. Government focuses on the Revolution and Constitutional era. The unit on Civil Rights includes movements in the 1920s, World War II issues, and current issues.

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