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Alaska 2007 Grant Abstract
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Grantee Name:Skagway City School District, AK
Project Name:Linking Alaskan Students to American History
Project Director:Monica Jones
Number of Teachers Served:40
Number of School Districts Served:8
Number of Students Served:39,000
Grade Levels:5-12
Partners:Alaska Pacific University, Alaska Staff Development Network, Juneau Douglas City Museum, National Council for History Education, Sitka Historical Museum, and Skagway Museum and Archives
Topics:Year 1, Creating a New Nation, 1610-1790; Year 2, Westward Expansion and Louisiana Purchase (1790-1900); Year 3, America Engages with the World (1900-1990)
Methods:Summer colloquia, graduate coursework, museum trainings, online activities, distance learning

The eight school districts in this consortium face problems unique to Alaska, and pose challenges to professional development efforts. Only two schools are on the road system; access to the other sites is limited to planes or snowmobiles. Isolation is compounded by few history resources, the fact that few to no teachers hold U.S. history certification nor have any history training, and many teachers work in one or two-teacher schools with one or two high school students. Distance learning technology is an essential component, but the project provides opportunities for face-to-face learning as well. Program courses include: The English Heritage, covering Immigration and Land Policies, Social Patterns and Class Structure, Economic Development, and English Rights and Representative Government. Other content addresses Lewis and Clark and Other Explorers, Manifest Destiny and Mission, The Purchase of Alaska, Transportation and the Industrial Revolution. The Cold War, Civil Rights, and Vietnam conclude the third year colloquium.

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