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Illinois 2006 Grant Abstract
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Grantee Name:Chicago Public Schools District # 299, IL
Project Name:Chicago History Advanced Placement Project (CHAPP)
Project Director:Afina Lockhart
Number of Teachers Served:75
Number of School Districts Served:1
Number of Students Served:3,000
Grade Levels:11-12
Partners:the Newberry Library, the Constitutional Rights Foundation, the Chicago Historical Society, and the National Archives and Records Administration - Great Lakes Region
Topics:Colonial America, the American Revolution, the Constitution, antebellum America, slavery and abolition, the Civil War and Reconstruction, the Industrial Revolution, America as a world power, the Great Depression and the New Deal, World War II, the Cold War, and the Civil Rights Movement
Methods:academic seminars, pedagogy experts, and summer institutes

The proposed CHAPP participants—Advanced Placement (AP) teachers—are not traditionally thought of as a group most in need of professional development. However, two factors overturn this commonly held perception: (1) the instructional demands of teaching AP courses that feature college-level content, work, and exams, and an ongoing district effort to improve the postsecondary preparation that includes increasing the number of nontraditional students taking AP courses, and (2) the need of AP teachers for content knowledge at a very sophisticated level, a repertoire of best practice strategies, and skills to engage actively students in the historical process. To meet this challenge, the professional development model will feature academic seminars during the school year and in the summer with a dual focus on content and pedagogy. The content centers on significant issues, events, and defining moments of the seminal periods of traditional American history aligned with AP U.S. History topics.

Last Modified: 12/28/2006