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Wyoming 2005 Grant Abstract
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Grantee Name:Teton County School District #1, Jackson, WY
Project Name:Greater Yellowstone American History Project
Project Director:Pier Trudelle (307) 733-2704
Number of Teachers Served:131
Number of School Districts Served:8
Number of Students Served:6,075

Five school districts and three private schools are working in partnership with the University of Wyoming, Central Wyoming College, the Teton Science School, the Jackson Historical Society, and other history and education organizations to implement a professional development program serving teachers in Grades 4, 8, 11, and 12 in 38 schools, in which a significant percentage of the students are American Indian and Hispanic. In-service training involves more than 130 hours of "seat time" learning through instruction, mentoring, participation in professional organizations, and use of virtual networks and resources. Year 1 of this effort to enhance "knowing, thinking about, and doing" U.S. history focuses on Foundations, Framework, and Function of the U.S. Government. Year 2 will concentrate on the Melting Pot versus Multi-Cultural Stew, and Year 3 on From Sea to Shining Sea.

Last Modified: 09/27/2005