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Kansas 2005 Grant Abstracts
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Grantee Name:Olathe District Schools #233, Olathe, KS
Project Name:Connecting Learning and Instruction in Olathe (CLIO): In Search of the Common Good
Project Director:Maureen P. Donegan (913) 780-8227
Number of Teachers Served:36
Number of School Districts Served:1
Number of Students Served:No Information Available

CLIO is providing 20 seventh through twelfth grade history teachers with instruction in historical content and pedagogy from University of Kansas faculty in five semester-long seminar courses. Teachers examine primary and secondary sources related to the theme of searching for the common good within particular periods. The National Council for History Education is conducting three colloquia on specific topics for the project and 16 additional district history teachers. Activities also include a hands-on two-week summer workshop where participants learn to use the resources of the Kansas State Historical Society, the Kansas Museum of History, and the Dole Institute of Politics at the University of Kansas. Experiences will be shared during district staff development sessions, at annual conferences, and at the capstone state conference. History periods covered include: Creating a Nation, Expansion and Conflict, the Making of Modern America, the U.S. and Two World Wars, and Contemporary America. Summer topics examine the common good in the 18th through 20th Centuries.

Grantee Name:USD#28--WaKeeney School District, WaKeeney, KS
Project Name:History Today—A Kansas Teaching American History Program
Project Director:Robert Scheib (785) 743-2145
Number of Teachers Served:75
Number of School Districts Served:56
Number of Students Served:No Information Available

History Today will provide in-depth training in American history content and pedagogy for 75 elementary and secondary school teachers, with the goal of establishing a network of skilled Master Teachers who share their knowledge of traditional American history with other educators to sustain the program. Partnering in this collaborative effort are the WaKeeney Independent School District, the Fort Hays State University Department of History, WaKeeney Public Library, Northwest Kansas Educational Service Center #602, and the Southwest Plains Regional Service Center #626. Activities encompass three-week annual summer institutes, monthly professional development days, and ongoing coaching by a Master History Teacher adept in using instructional management tools. The program will be supported by an interactive website that offers distance learning opportunities tailored to the program and showcases lesson plans. The program will focus on rural history through several periods of America's growth. These include the early relations between immigrants and indigenous peoples, explorations of the West, building the American Empire, and the country's responses to World Wars I and II and the Cold War.

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