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Oregon 2004 Grant Abstracts
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Grantee: Douglas ESD, Roseburg, OR
Project Name: Themes in American History: Promoting Authentic Inquiry into Our Common Heritage
Project Director: Dawne Huckaby (541) 440-4757
Funding: $981,564
Number of Teachers Served: 80
Number of School Districts Served: 13
Number of Students Served: No information available

This collaborative effort to improve U.S. history programs, increase teacher knowledge of American history and connections with state/local history, improve instructional skills and student performance, and promote participation in a professional community of historians and master teachers brings 13 districts together with University of Oregon-Eugene, 3 libraries, and 5 historical societies and museums. From the pool of K-12 grade teacher applicants, emphasis will be placed on selecting middle and high school teachers without a strong history background; history teachers who want to expand their content knowledge and teaching skills; and elementary teachers responsible but unprepared for teaching state or national history. Professional development activities include summer institutes to study key historical themes, a year-long inquiry project, creation and implementation of inquiry-based instructional units incorporating technological strategies for organizing information, and participation in an online learning community. A project website will be created to disseminate resources. Possible content themes include: Exploring New Frontiers; Immigration/Emigration; American Dream; Civil Conflict; Expansion; Civil Rights; Beyond Our Borders; Fiscal Policies; and Role of Religion.

Grantee: Lane Education Service District, Eugene, OR
Project Name: Teaching American History: Increasing Student Achievement and Building Community Capacity
Project Director: Robert Young (541) 461-8280
Funding: $947,785
Number of Teachers Served: 50
Number of School Districts Served: 1
Number of Students Served: No information available

Lane Education Service District is partnering with Portland State University Department of History, Oregon State Historical Society, Oregon Department of Education, and other history education organizations to deliver a strong professional development program to teachers in grades 1-12, build networks for continuing education, and strengthen capacity of local historical associations to provide resources. The project builds on its first round Teaching American History project and will disseminate results by creating resources for colleagues, refining information developed in the first round in cooperation with the Department of Education and Historical Society, and making guides and products available nationally through the project website. Year 1 explores Expansion and Conflict, including westward movement, Native Americans, neocolonialism and the Pacific Rim. Year 2 addresses Democracy, covering representational government, slavery and abolition and the Civil War. Year 3 focuses on Economic Growth, including colonial crafts to new technologies and international ties.

Grantee: Southern Oregon Education Service District, Medford, OR
Project Name: Turning Points in American History
Project Director: Meighan Maloney (503) 977-7753
Funding: $1,999,926
Number of Teachers Served: 100
Number of School Districts Served: 4 ESAs
Number of Students Served: No information available

Turning Points addresses the professional development needs of middle and secondary school teachers in a consortium of Education Service Agencies through a content-rich workshop series based on the first five eras of American history as outlined by the National Center for History in the Schools. Partnering with 4 Education Service Agencies in Oregon, Iowa, and California are Riverside County Office of Education, National Center for History in the Schools, Annenberg/CPB, Organization of American Historians and Oregon Public Broadcasting. An advisory board of teachers, professional development providers, history scholars and distance learning professionals will guide the series, which consists of video, print materials, an interactive website, hands-on activities and facilitator's guide. After the grant period, all materials will be made nationally available on the web and Annenberg Channel. The goal of this multi-media project is to help teachers understand the lives, roles and impact of individuals in American history; events that have shaped history; and use of primary source materials as well as gain teaching credits.

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