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New Mexico 2004 Grant Abstract
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Grantee: Gallup-McKinley County Schools, Gallup, NM
Project Name: American Encounters: Teaching American History From Indian Country
Project Director: Chantal Irvin (505) 721-1004
Funding: $997,552
Number of Teachers Served: 75
Number of School Districts Served: 1
Number of Students Served: No information available

This professional development project provides elementary school teachers in the Southwest with seminars, graduate-level summer institutes, and action research projects during which they explore early American history from pre-contact through the mid-19th century through the theme of American Encounters. The perspective allows for a culturally and geographically inclusive interpretation of early U.S. history and acknowledges the role that all early Americans played in the founding of the country. Participants make use of museum, primary documents, artifacts and other resources in the Washington, DC area, and learn research-based strategies for increasing Native students' appreciation for American history. Cultural sensitivity and Native traditions are incorporated into lesson plans mapped to county American history standards. Participants serve as mentors for other teachers and resource models for those seeking innovative tools for working with Native students. Research generated by the project will provide a body of information on the effectiveness of teaching innovations in raising Native student achievement in American history.

Last Modified: 06/08/2005