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Colorado 2004 Grant Abstracts
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Grantee: Centennial Board of Cooperative Educational Services (Centennial BOCES), Longmont, CO
Project Name: T.H.E.P.A.S.T. American History Project
Project Director: Dana Seltzer (303) 772-4420
Funding: $997,233
Number of Teachers Served: 116
Number of School Districts Served: 31
Number of Students Served: 38,907

BOCES, in partnership with the National Council for History Education and the Colorado Institute for Historical Study will improve the quality of instruction and teacher knowledge of American history through a 5-day intensive summer academy each summer for 3 years (1 for elementary teachers and 2 for secondary). This approach to the study of American history uses the process of examining artifacts and primary documents to highlight themes and ideas of traditional American history, providing a tangible connection aimed at extending the learning process and increasing retention. Each summer will focus on a different century: in 2005, the 18th century; 2006, the 19th century; and 2007, the 20th century. Within each century the material will be approached thematically: Freedom and Tyranny, Liberty and Equality, the American Economy, Localism / Regionalism / Nationalism, and Establishing America in the World. In addition there will be 4 one-day Professional Ongoing Developmental Sessions (2 in October, 2 in April) to ensure continuous additional professional development. A separate web-based teleconferencing system for on-line learning, communication, and continuous contact will also be provided.

Grantee: Pueblo School District No. 70, Pueblo, CO
Project Name: Southeastern Colorado American History Project: Preparing Teachers as Historians and Instructors of American History
Project Director: Jonathan Rees and Ginger Andenucio (719) 295-6508
Funding: $999,900
Number of Teachers Served: 375
Number of School Districts Served: 16
Number of Students Served: No information available

This collaborative professional development project brings together elementary and secondary educators from 16 rural school districts with Colorado State University-Pueblo and a network of regional historical agencies and foundations. Teams of K-12 teachers participate in summer institutes and immersion activities designed to increase content knowledge in traditional American history; engage in school-based joint efforts to develop history curricula; form professional networks for interaction among all history teachers; and help disseminate curricula that will improve student achievement, focusing on students in high-poverty schools. The project emphasizes ongoing, embedded assessment to drive the design of all activities. Content addresses: Wars that Changed America; America: the Economic Engine of the World: Commercial and Industrial History from Colonial Mercantilism to Modern Capitalism; and History of the American West.

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