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West Virginia 2003 Grant Abstracts
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Grantee: Upshur County Schools, Buckhannon, WV
Project Name: American HEART (History Education through Activities, Research, and Technology): Walking in the Footsteps of History
Project Director: Robert Rupp (304) 473-8561
Funding: $845,908
Number of Teachers Served: 120
Number of School Districts Served: No information available
Number of Students Served: 55,000

In partnership with West Virginia Wesleyan College, the Smithsonian Institution, the Williamsburg Foundation, and other educational and humanities organizations, Upshur County Schools invites teachers from school districts throughout northern West Virginia to participate in spring and fall workshops and other staff development activities. Following the West Virginia Social Studies Content Standards for K-12, Standard 5 (history), American HEART focuses on 10 eras over the 3 years: year 1-era 1 (-1820), era 2 (1585-1763), era 3 (1754-1820); year 2-era 4 (1801-1861), era 5 (1850-1877), era 6 (1870-1900); year 3-era 7 (1890-1930), era 8 (1929-1945), era 9 (1945-1970s), era 10 (1968-). Relevant issues include: European colonization, slavery, independence of the colonies, role of government in the economy, development of modern culture, Cold War and containment. Representative persons include: John Smith, Nathaniel Bacon, Thomas Jefferson, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Andrew Carnegie, Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Colin Powell. Related activities include: National History Day, mentoring, networking, and service learning.

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Last Modified: 02/15/2008