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Utah 2003 Grant Abstracts
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Grantee: Jordan School District, Sandy, UT
Project Name: Jordan History Academy of Teachers
Project Director: Pam Su'a (801) 567-8320
Funding: $913,198
Number of Teachers Served: 90
Number of School Districts Served: 3
Number of Students Served: No information available

For this project for professional development of 4th to 12th grade teachers, content training focuses on significant issues, episodes, and turning points, such as constitutional politics, human and civil rights, war and society, race and slavery, diversity, and Utah history. Teachers also learn to think historically and to integrate history content with appropriate pedagogy to develop curricula and use innovative methods. In year 1, a cohort of 30 teachers complete 6 weeks of summer training. During years 2 and 3, history teacher leaders provide model professional development in their schools. Each year training is supplemented by quarterly workshops, classroom observations and lesson plan evaluations, and coaching and mentoring. Content areas cover early American history, 20th century American history, the American West, the Civil War, slavery, citizenship, and the Constitution; best practices include curriculum design, moral dimensions of teaching, framework for teaching, and writing. Partners include Utah Humanities Council, Utah Law-Related Education Project, Utah Council of Social Studies, and Utah Academy of Teachers.

Grantee: Southeast Education Service Center, Price, UT
Project Name: Tri-State History Consortium
Project Director: F. Lynn Bills (435) 637-1173
Funding: $260,158
Number of Teachers Served: 90
Number of School Districts Served: 3
Number of Students Served: No information available

This project brings together three districts in Utah, Montana, and Washington in a long-term professional development effort designed to improve teacher knowledge of U.S. history and skills in engaging students. Six teachers from grades 5-12 in each LEA will be nominated to become master teachers of American History through a yearly 10-week on-line graduate credit course, yearly 10-week action research course, and yearly summer workshop in which 30 teachers from each LEA participate. Use of the MyEDesk software will facilitate building an American History learning community across 3 states. Content driven by the National Council for History Education covers three worlds and their encounters in America, colonial era, creating a nation, expansion and reform, Civil War and Reconstruction, making of modern America, U.S. and two World Wars, and contemporary America. Participating history professors are from Western Washington University, Princeton University, Washington University in St. Louis, Reed College, Dartmouth University, Oklahoma University, University of Richmond, and Kalamazoo College.

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Last Modified: 02/15/2008