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Ohio 2002 Grant Abstracts
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Grantee: Columbus Public Schools, Columbus, OH
Project Name: History WORKS
Project Director: Dwight Groce (614) 365-5727
Funding: $992,897
Number of Teachers Served: 105
Number of School Districts Served: 1
Number of Students Served: 20,000

In partnership with Ohio State University and the Ohio Historical Society, the district will provide monthly seminars, 6 intensive summer institutes, and a web-based resource center for middle and high school U.S. history teachers over 3 years. Activities, for which 2 hours of graduate credit will be awarded, relate to 6 themes: American History through Ohio Biography; The Constitution and American Democratic Institutions; American Foreign Relations; Migration and Immigration; American Economic History; Social Movements and Social Change. Participants will receive memberships in historical/professional associations, and use enhanced content knowledge and archival resources to create curricular materials for sharing with colleagues in print and on the website. A project model based on Ohio WORKS (Working on Rigorous Knowledge for Students) will be disseminated to other school districts with the support of Ohio's Board of Regents and Department of Education.

Grantee: Dayton Public Schools, Dayton, OH
Project Name: Citizenship, Creativity and Invention in American History
Project Director: Patricia Allen Day (937) 542-3520
Funding: $915,615
Number of Teachers Served: 80
Number of School Districts Served: 1
Number of Students Served: No information available

This project brings the district-1 of 12 in the nation classified as having "Academic Emergency" status-together with Wright State University, U.S. Air Force Museum, Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park, Montgomery County Historical Society, Dayton and Montgomery County Public Library, and National Afro-American Museum to improve teacher practice and student success, build a network for sustained professional and resource development, and produce a revised American history curriculum for grades 5, 8 and 9. Workshops, seminars and summer institutes for in-service, substitute and new history teachers are supplemented by peer observation and mentoring, a regional symposium on American history standards and education in museums, archives and libraries and a project website. 10-12 teachers will be funded to acquire NBPTS certification in history teaching. Curricular content will support the project theme, "Citizenship, Creativity and Invention in American History."

Grantee: Euclid City School Districts, Euclid, OH
Project Name: An Academy for American History: Constructing the Region, Constructing the Nation
Project Director: Katie Shorter-Robinson (216) 875-9776
Funding: $976,919
Number of Teachers Served: 60
Number of School Districts Served: 12
Number of Students Served: No information available

A partnership of the Center for Urban School Consortium in Cleveland, OH, Cleveland State University, Kenyon College, Oberlin College, and Facing History and Ourselves will provide a professional development program for 60 7th-12th grade American history teachers to improve instructional skills, revise history curricula, and guide school-based staff development in teaching traditional U.S. history. Focused on the "inner ring suburbs" of Cleveland, the program uses local historical resources such as the Ohio & Erie Canal to illustrate 19th century industrialism. Other regional sites illustrate the Great Migrations, and citizenship and identity in the 19th and 20th centuries. Site visits also include travel to Charleston, SC to research the heritage of African Americans now settled in Ohio. The project emphasizes effective use of technology. Each participant is required to mentor 3 colleagues, expanding the project to reach 180 teachers.

Grantee: Fremont City Schools, Fremont, OH
Project Name: History Links: A Partnership to Teach American History
Project Director: Thomas J. Culbertson (419) 332-2081
Funding: $884,891
Number of Teachers Served: 450
Number of School Districts Served: 2
Number of Students Served: No information available

In partnership with Bowling Green State University and Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, the Fremont and Toledo school districts will offer 450 teachers in grades 4-12 a professional development program in American history teaching combining summer institutes, 12 Saturday colloquia, and ongoing mentoring opportunities. The program aims to help teachers in urban and rural schools move from locally determined to state-mandated curricula, re-ignite the flame of historical curiosity in teachers, and establish collegiality among teachers, historians and learning specialists. History Links focuses on the Revolutionary era, Civil War and Reconstruction, and the 2 decades following the stock market crash, and will furnish teachers with material for students that demonstrate the links between national issues, state and local perspectives, and personal reactions to social, political and economic change.

Grantee: Lorain City School District, Lorain, Ohio
Project Name: Teaching American History
Project Director: Vickey Smith (440) 233-2287
Funding: $956,963
Number of Teachers Served: 315
Number of School Districts Served: 1
Number of Students Served: Information not available

The district collaborated with Ashland University's Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs to design the project, and will contract with the Ashbrook Center to administer this professional development program. The project includes the following: 3 intensive 1-week American history summer institutes taught by veteran historians; 2 1-day seminars each year; and expansion of a website to include an audio archive of all project lecture presentations, on-line original historical documents for teachers and students, and model lesson plans for teachers. The first summer's institutes will focus on the American Revolution and founding of a new nation; race and ethnicity in American history, and biography in American history.

Grantee: Mahoning County Educational Service Center, Youngstown, OH
Project Name: Expedition into Teaching American History
Project Director: Barbara Williams (330) 965-7828
Funding: $834,687
Number of Teachers Served: 100
Number of School Districts Served: 14
Number of Students Served: 38,000

This partnership among 14 school districts, Youngstown State University, and the Mahoning Valley Historical Society targets the need of K-12 teachers for increased content knowledge of American history and more effective history instructional strategies. University course work will be tied to social studies standards to be adopted in 12/02; History Alive! workshops will provide coaching on teaching strategies; and Pathways training will target observation and conferencing skills enabling participants to analyze and improve instruction. Activities for K-3 teachers include course work in Teaching American History with Literature, Local American History, and American History Content and Lesson Design, along with History Alive! training. Activities for 4-12 teachers encompass course work in Turning Points in U.S. History and Local American History, along with History Alive! training. Participants become members of state or national organizations, attend a state conference, and attend networking sessions.

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