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Maryland 2001 Project Abstract
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Name of the Project:
Corps of Historical Discovery
Grantee Contact:
Montgomery County Public Schools
Rockville, MD
Project Director: Martin Creel
(301) 279-3357

This suburban district will provide professional development for 160 fourth and fifth grade teachers in two cohorts. The goal is to establish an ongoing Corps of Historical Discovery to help teachers discover and analyze documents, prepare and present improved lesson plans, and to help increase student performance on the statewide U.S. history assessment. The partner in this project is Montgomery College.

Name of the Project:
Teaching American History Program
Grantee Contact:

Baltimore County Public Schools
Towson, MD
Project Director: Rex Shepard
(410) 887-4017


This project will provide Baltimore County's teachers with graduate level experiences in American history, models of effective history instruction, structured feedback and support, resources, and opportunities for peer coaching and review. The district will recruit participant teachers primarily from low performing elementary, middle, and high schools. Partners include the History Department at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, Maryland Public Television, the National Council for History Education, the Maryland Council for History Education, and regional historical institutions.

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