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Massachusetts 2001 Project Abstract
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Name of the Project:
Grantee Contact:
Teaching American History Program
Boston Public Schools
Boston, MA
Project Director: Deborah Washington
(617) 635-9687

The Boston school district plans to provide all 326 of its U.S. history teachers with an appropriate and content-filled professional development program. There will be seminars, summer institutes, learning strategy sessions, and study groups of both middle school and high school teachers. The partners are the University of Massachusetts-Boston, the City of Boston Archives and Records, the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum and the American Antiquarian Society. The goals are to teach U.S. history as a separate and discrete subject, to apply state standards to the classroom, and to combine history content with learning strategies

Name of the Project:
Teaching American History Program
Grantee Contact:
Mohawk Trail Rural School District
Shelburne Falls, MA
Project Director: Barbara Mathews
(413) 774-7476

The rural district in western Massachusetts works with a consortium of six nearby districts. The partners are the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association and the Franklin County Collaborative for Professional Development. 225 teachers, teacher trainers, and district coordinators will participate in seminars on major American history topics, as well as in small group training at school sites. They will examine and analyze primary documents and will integrate these documents and other historical materials into their classroom instruction.

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