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Iowa 2001 Project Abstract
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Name of the Project:
Bringing History Home
Grantee Contact:
Washington Community School District
Washington, IA
Project Director: Elise Fillpot
(319) 653-5467

Bringing History Home is a professional and curriculum development project for kindergarten through sixth grades in the Washington Community School District (WCSD) of rural Iowa. Bringing History Home seeks to connect children with the concept and excitement of historical inquiry. In partnership with the University of Iowa and the Herbert Hoover Library, the project proposes to develop a state of the art K-6 history curriculum, adapt lesson plans to include the contributions of disadvantaged and minority groups to American History, provide professional development activities to 29 WCSD elementary teachers with an emphasis on source-based research and teaching methods, as well as implement and evaluate the curriculum developed through the efforts of the project.

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Last Modified: 05/17/2005