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Scott Sherman
2008 Alumni Classroom Fellow
Brownsville, Texas

Photo of  Scott Sherman, Classroom Fellow
video Scott Sherman, identifies what he sees as the most important qualities a teacher should have.

Bio/Overview: Sherman currently teaches world geography at Hanna High School in Brownsville, Texas. When he was an undergraduate at Bradley University, Sherman became very close with two of his professors. Both professors took him under their wings and took a serious interest in his education. Because of his experiences with these wonderful teachers, Sherman wanted to become a college professor. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way he planned. Sherman’s parents moved to Brownsville and asked him to help open a small restaurant.  Sherman said yes and dropped his plans to go to graduate school. He had been running a business that he had no interest in for about 12 years when Sherman saw an advertisement for an alternative teacher certification program. This was his chance to become a teacher. Sherman entered the program and within 5 months he became an eighth grade history teacher. Sherman spent 16 years at the middle school level before teaching 10th Grade World History to predominately ELL students at Hanna High School in Brownsville, Texas. Sherman has also taught World Geography for the Medical Technology Magnet School also in Brownsville. In the evenings Sherman is an adjunct professor for the School of Education at the University of Texas at Brownsville.

Achievements: Sherman was recently named Secondary Teacher of the Year by the Association of Texas Professional Educators. In 2000, he was selected as the B.I.S.D. Secondary Teacher of the Year. Also in 2000, Sherman participated in the Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program. 600 teachers traveled to Japan for three weeks which allowed Sherman to increase his awareness and understanding of Japanese culture, with an emphasis on the educational system. In 2006, Sherman had the honor to travel to Korea to participate in the Korean Studies Workshop for American Educators.

Leadership Experience: Sherman has been contributing to a program that differentiates a newly developed curriculum for English Language Learners in his district.

Education: Sherman completed his undergraduate education at Bradley University, and went on to earn his teaching certification through an alternative program.

Areas of Interest/Expertise:

  • Teacher preparation/mentoring
  • ELL curriculum
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Last Modified: 08/14/2012