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Luther J. Sewell, III
2008 Alumni Classroom Fellow
Wilmington, Delaware

Photo of  Luther J. Sewell, III, Classroom Fellow
video Luther J. Sewell, III discusses his best moment as a teacher.

Bio/Overview: Sewell currently serves as the English Coach for Maya Angelou Charter School’s Middle School in Washington DC. Even though he is a “career changer”, Sewell has always wanted to teach. When he was younger he tutored his sister and cousins. Even while Sewell was working in the corporate sector he kept himself involved in the community through educating them on finances or other topics. Sewell began his teaching career as an Instructor for at-risk, low-income students with low achievement scores in Brooklyn, New York for three years. He is an educator with a vast experience dealing with students. He is a dedicated, creative schoolteacher with successful experience in creating and implementing learning programs for a wide variety of students with multi-cultural backgrounds. He has taught language arts through a combination of provided curriculum, programs, and personal assessment, and has taught math for the first all boys’ charter school in the state of Delaware.

Educational Values/Philosophy: Sewell has a reputation of assessing and identifying student needs, designing and presenting appropriate/innovative educational experiences, and raising basic academic proficiencies for a wide variety of students. He is a patient, persuasive teaching professional who seeks new opportunities to help young people expand their intellectual and life-goals and expectations as well as provide guidance to gain the necessary skills and understandings to achieve those goals.

Achievements: Sewell was just announced as one of 25 Fellows in Teach Plus D.C.’s inaugural class. Recently Mr. Sewell has been highlighted on Perry's Principals on CNN. He has also been appointed to the first cohort of the Teach Plus Fellowship for Washington DC. Luther has also been invited to participate in Learnzillion, which is a web based center that provides lessons for student, or teacher, usage.

Leadership Experience: As a valued member of a team, Sewell helped a school reach its state established goal for progress. He has participated in, and directed, several student and parental extra-curricular opportunities.  He served as a Chairman of an English department charged with directing educators on a school wide basis, and a cluster leader responsible for students and teachers within a school population. Sewell was also responsible for addressing the academic needs of multi-cultural 6th grade students with low-incomes and low achievement scores in an inner-city school, where he taught language arts, mathematics and social studies. Sewell designed and implemented a series of academic programs, which increased pupil, and parent involvement, accelerated learning, raised performance levels and scores, in addition to improving student’s verbal communication. Sewell is also a founding member and participating teacher in Just L. The Just L summer program is an enrichment program that helps students prepare over the summer for the upcoming school year. Sewell also developed a parent-participation program in which parents lead class discussions in classrooms, sharing life values, attitudes and experiences. Sewell also sponsored the Gentlemen’s Association at Dr. Ernest Everett Just Middle School, which grooms young men to become gentlemen.

Affiliations: Teach Plus DC, Learnzillion

Education: Sewell has a MS in Elementary Education, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY, 2005 ,a MA in Public Administration/Urban Planning, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY, 2001. He also has a BS degree in Business Administration, and a BS degree in Economics. Luther has recently completed his certification for Administration at Bowie State University.

Areas of Interest/Expertise:

  • Charter schools
  • Teacher leadership
  • Multicultural education
  • Union evolution
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Last Modified: 08/16/2012