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Jensi Kellogg-Andrus
2008 Alumni Classroom Fellow
Watertown, South Dakota

Photo of Jensi Kellogg-Andrus, Classroom Fellow
video Jensi Kellogg-Andrus remembers her best moment as a teacher.

Bio/Overview: Kellogg-Andrus teaches Advanced Placement Biology face-to-face and online in Watertown South Dakota. She has been active in creating the AP Biology course for the Learning Powers Program, South Dakota's online Advanced Placement program for rural students that do not have access to AP courses. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she also coaches cross country and track at Watertown High School. Kellogg-Andrus also teaches Anatomy and Human Physiology courses at Lake Area Technical Institute, which recently earned the honor of being named top five community colleges in the nation by Aspen Institute. After having many teachers inspire her, including her grandfather (who was also a teacher), Kellogg-Andrus decided that she wanted to make a difference and instill the love of learning in young people and help them realize they can achieve great things. At the end of her freshman year of college, Kellogg-Andrus was asked by one of her professors to be his assistant and teach zoology and mammalian physiology labs for the next three years. The experience solidified her passion for being a teacher. After graduating from college in 1988, Kellogg-Andrus taught at Newcastle High School in Newcastle, Wyoming. Being a small school, there were a lot of extracurricular opportunities besides teaching Biology such as coaching cross country, track, basketball, and serving as student council advisor. In addition to teaching in Wyoming, Kellogg-Andrus has taught in Rapid City, SD.

Educational Values/Philosophy: Kellogg-Andrus believes that as teachers, we must always be improving and growing to help our students and colleagues realize and reach their potential and dreams.

Achievements: Being 2005 South Dakota Teacher of the Year and 2007 South Dakota Outstanding Biology Teacher has provided opportunities for Kellogg-Andrus to give presentations to spread the message that teachers are doing the most important job in the world in helping each and every one of their students reach their full potential.  Most recently, Kellogg-Andrus was named the 2011 All American Teacher of the Year by the Math and Science Institute for her work in online learning through the Learning Powers Program.

Leadership Experience: When her district made the decision to provide a laptop for every student, Kellogg-Andrus volunteered to be a technology coach in her school, teaching staff members about course management systems, student response systems, scientific probes, and Web 2.0 tools such as Wikis and blogs. She is also a state technology trainer for districts that have adopted the one-to-one computer program. In addition, she had been a literacy coach, helping her colleagues incorporate instructional strategies into their lessons to help meet the learning needs of all students. Kellogg-Andrus gives numerous presentations around her state to teachers to on various topics including technology integration, literacy strategies, instructional methods, and motivation.

Education: Kellogg-Andrus attended South Dakota State University to pursue a degree in Biology and Education, and obtained her master's degree in Educational Technology from Dakota State University in 2008.

Areas of Interest/Expertise:

  • Technology education
  • Distance learning
  • Rural educational issues
  • Instructional strategies
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Last Modified: 08/16/2012