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Jeanine Meyer Gelhaus
2008 Alumni Classroom Fellow
Medford, Wisconsin

Photo of Jeanine Meyer Gelhaus, Classroom Fellow
video Jeanine Meyer Gelhaus recounts her best moment as a teacher.

Bio/Overview: Global educator, Jeanine Gelhaus, currently teaches life and earth science to active 7th and 8th graders for Medford Public Schools in central Wisconsin. She also teaches Master level courses for several state and private universities. Those courses include curriculum design and assessment, technology, science methods, STEM, environmental education, and a variety of other science content courses. Gelhaus provides workshops at local, regional, state, national, and international levels in the areas of science, teacher leadership, and other educational topics. She provides workshops on STEM for NASA and just received a grant to provide STEM instruction for teachers in her local CESA. Gelhaus is currently completing a summer research fellowship at UW-Milwaukee, dealing with the topic of scale science and chemical education. She also works as an Honorary Associate in the chemical engineering department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison developing curriculum and teaching workshops on nanotechnology integration and STEM education. Gelhaus continually provides workshops and leadership for National Board candidates in her state. She serves as a grant field reader for NASA and the Department of Education. Gelhaus has a Masters of Science-Natural Resources, is passionate about the environment, and has traveled around the globe sharing her activities, knowledge, and love of our planet with other teachers and students. While working as a Classroom Fellow for the Department, Gelhaus focused on the topic of "Teacher Leadership." She created and conducted the TAFs first national webinar on this topic, created a teacher leader website, and provided workshops at a variety of conferences to bring this topic to the forefront.  

Educational Values/Philosophy: Gelhaus believes that our students have the potential to create great change in the world.  She says she looks out into that sea of faces on a daily basis and sees the passion and the desire to do something "important" with their lives, and something good for our world. She stays focused on providing her students with 21st Century skills so that they can become global citizens and global leaders. To facilitate this process, she also involves her students in international projects where they must learn to communicate and work together cooperatively with others, across borders, as they try to find solutions to real global problems. "I have no doubt," Gelhaus says, "that these students will be ready to face the tough challenges ahead."

Achievements: Gelhaus has been awarded the Fulbright Hayes to study in South Africa and the Fulbright Memorial to study in Japan. She has been awarded fellowships to work with various universities around the world, such as Oxford University to study archaeology on the Island of Mallorca. In 2001, Gelhaus completed National Boards for Professional Teaching Standards in the area of Early Adolescent Science. Gelhaus was awarded the WI Middle Environmental Teacher of the Year, WI Society of Science Teacher of the Year, WI Elementary/Middle Science Teacher of the Year and in 2008, the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching. She received several NSTA awards and the National Geographic "Golden Apple" award.

Leadership Experience: Gelhaus has participated in a fellowship at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where she learned about rocketry and thermal protection systems. As a participant in several National Geographic Society curriculum projects, Gelhaus has been able to integrate her love of global travel with social studies, reading, and science curriculums. As Past President of the Wisconsin International Educators Association, and through her involvement as a board member for the Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers (WSST) and her position as founder for WSST Adventures, Gelhaus has been able to share her passion for science, the environment, and traveling with many teachers through workshops. Gelhaus has been awarded fellowships to work with Brown University in global studies, UW-Madison in the area of nanotechnology for 5 years, and a 2 year fellowship to work on biogenetics. She has also received a 2 year fellowships to work with UW-Milwaukee in the area of scale science and chemical education. She brings her research and knowledge back to other teachers in her state by conducting workshops and presenting at conferences.

Affiliations: NASA, Wisconsin International Educators Association, Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers (WSST), WSST Adventures, and NSTA.

Education: Gelhaus attended the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where she earned both her bachelor’s degree in education and her Master of Science in Environmental Science.

Areas of Interest/Expertise:

  • STEM
  • Professional development
  • International cooperation
  • Teacher leadership
  • Environmental Education
  • Online Teaching and Learning
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