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Jennifer Elizabeth Cloud
2008 Alumni Classroom Fellow
Wakefield, Rhode Island

Photo of Jennifer Elizabeth Cloud, Classroom Fellow
video Jennifer Elizabeth Cloud identifies what she sees as the most important qualities a teacher should have.

Bio/Overview: Cloud teaches high school math in South Kingston School District in Rhode Island. It was not an easy, nor a straightforward path that led Cloud to the realization that she wanted to be a teacher. As a student at Brown University she majored in math, an inevitable choice as her mother, father, and brother all majored in math and even though she was lured by political science, Cloud could not deny the inevitable. Upon graduation she still did not know where life would take her, so Cloud tried out different cities and different careers looking for the perfect fit and somewhere along the journey of self-discovery realized that she was meant to be a teacher. She may have come to the realization a little later than some, but Cloud knows now that being a teacher is one of the things that truly defines who she is.

Educational Values/Philosophy: All students can learn. It is the job of a good educator to know their students, know their subject(s), and know themselves so that they can best determine how they can teach their students what they need to know to be successful. Additionally, a good education system knows that all students are not the same and therefore realizes that students have different goals, dreams, and destinies. Being successful does not have to mean a good grade on a standardized test or even acceptance into college. Success could simply (and possibly more importantly) mean discovering the path that will lead students to be happy, productive, and self-sufficient members of society.

Achievements: Besides the Fellowship and any work done for her school and within her state, Cloud continues to convince students that math is not scary and that they can all be good at it.

Leadership Experience: As Cloud worked with her students and learned more about schools and education, she become more and more interested about education outside the walls of her classroom. Cloud participated in both state and regional evaluation and accreditation visits. She took on a new model of teaching, and found that she loved working with a co-teacher teaching some of the neediest students in their building. These students, especially, opened her eyes to what students need from education beyond what she could provide in her classroom. Upon returning to her school after getting her degree in public policy, Cloud was a facilitator for a professional learning community focused on co-teaching. Most recently, Cloud was selected for a six-person team of teachers to advise the RI Department of Education in developing a new teacher evaluation system.

Affiliations: National Education Association

Education: Cloud earned her Bachelor’s degree from Brown University, and went back to school to earn her M.Ed. in secondary math education from Vanderbilt University. She then went on to pursue a degree in public policy from the University of Michigan.

Areas of Interest/Expertise:

  • Teacher evaluation
  • Teacher preparation
  • Vocational education
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