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Teaching Ambassador Fellowship

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Teaching Ambassador Fellows Alumni Team

Washington Fellows
Stephanie Canada
Elementary Physical Education
Shawnee, Oklahoma
Photo of Stephanie Canada, Washington Fellow
Jon Eckert
Teacher Education
Wheaton, IL
Photo of Jon Eckert, Washington Fellow
Steven Hicks
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Los Angeles, California
Photo of Steven Hicks, Washington Fellow
Bobbi Ciriza Houtchens
High School English, ESL
San Bernardino, California
Photo of Bobbi Ciriza Houtchens, Washington Fellow
Julie Shively
4th and 5th Grade Gifted Math
Lawrenceville, Georgia
Photo of Julie Shively, Washington Fellow

Classroom Fellows
Steven Berbeco
High School Arabic, History, and AP Government
Boston, Massachusetts
Photo of Steven Berbeco, Classroom Fellow
Jennifer Elizabeth Cloud
High School Math
Wakefield, Rhode Island
Photo of Jennifer Elizabeth Cloud, Classroom Fellow
Jeanine Meyer Gelhaus
8th Grade Science
Medford, Wisconsin
Photo of Jeanine Meyer Gelhaus, Classroom Fellow
Amy Goodman
Middle School Literacy
Anchorage, Alaska
Photo of Amy Goodman, Classroom Fellow
Keil Hileman
6th and 8th Grade History
De Soto, Kansas
Photo of Keil Hileman, Classroom Fellow
JoLisa Hoover
4th Grade
Leander, Texas
Photo of Jolisa Hoover, Classroom Fellow
Hector Ibarra
6th and 7th Grade Science
West Branch, Iowa
Photo of Hector Ibarra, Classroom Fellow
Cheri Isgreen
Kindergarten—5th Grade Art
Montrose, Colorado
Photo of Cheri Isgreen, Classroom Fellow
Jensi Kellogg-Andrus
9th Grade and AP Biology
Watertown, South Dakota
Photo of Jensi Kellogg-Andrus, Classroom Fellow
Eric Kinne
High School English
Fairfax, Virginia
Photo of Eric Kinne, Classroom Fellow
James Liou
12th Grade History
Boston, Massachusetts
Photo of James Liou, Classroom Fellow
Maya Martin-Bugg
8th Grade Language Arts
Durham, North Carolina
Photo of Maya Martin-Bugg, Classroom Fellow
Nicora Placa
Middle School Math
Bronx, New York
Photo of Nicora Placa, Classroom Fellow
Tammie Schrader
7th Grade Math and Science
Cheney, Washington
Photo of Tammie Schrader, Classroom Fellow
Luther Sewell, III
5th Grade Math
Wilmington, Delaware
Photo of Luther Sewell, III, Classroom Fellow
Scott Sherman
High School History
Brownsville, Texas
Photo of Scott Sherman, Classroom Fellow
Anne Claire Tejtel
High School Biology and Health
Baltimore, Maryland
Photo of Anne Claire Tejtel, Classroom Fellow
Stephanie Vickers
6th Grade Math and Reading
Independence, Missouri
Photo of Stephanie Vickers, Classroom Fellow
Anna Walker
3rd Grade Reading and Math
Naples, Maine
Photo of Anna Walker, Classroom Fellow
Kristina Walrath
Literacy Specialist
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Photo of Kristina Walrath, Classroom Fellow

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Last Modified: 08/23/2010