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Mauro Diaz
Classroom Fellow
Casper, WY

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Bio/Overview: Mauro Diaz is a National Board Certified Teacher currently teaching Life Science at Dean Morgan Middle School in Casper, Wyoming. He was born in Mexico and immigrated to the US as a child. After completing a BA in English at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX, Diaz began a business career in Wyoming as manager of a manufacturing operation. After several years, he chose to pursue a career with greater personal meaning. Diaz obtained a BS in Biology from the University of Wyoming and, in 2002, was selected for the New York City Teaching Fellows program where he began his teaching career through an alternative certification process. He has focused my career at the middle school level. As a fellow, he taught seventh grade math and science at IS 162 in the South Bronx while completing a MS in Science Education. Diaz taught at IS 162 for 3 years before returning to Wyoming in 2005 to assume his current position.

Educational Values/Philosophy: Every child deserves the opportunity to have a great teacher. Diaz believes that an important component of education is for students to have access to well trained, highly qualified, effective teachers. Effective classroom instruction requires well-designed units and lessons that address students’ individual educational needs. He believes teaching should incorporate the community and surrounding environment to create a more meaningful experience for students. The vital role that parents play in the education of their child cannot be overstated.

Achievements: Diaz achieved National Board Certification in 2011 and now serves as a Candidate Support Provider for new applicants. In 2012, he established the Wyoming Education Summit as a platform for National Board Certified teachers to discuss effective teaching and improving education in Wyoming. The Wyoming Education Summit Literature Review and Wyoming Education Summit White Paper Findings and Proposals were published in 2012. Diaz delivered a speech at the 2012 WY National Board Certification Initiative Annual Celebration and received an Ellbogen Significant Educator Award in 2011. He collaborated to obtain a grant from the National Science Foundation to fund teacher-scientist collaboration that brought current science research to the classroom and worked to obtain a grant to implement FIRST LEGO League in Natrona County, WY.

Leadership Experience: Diaz was selected to participate in a White House discussion on the teaching profession with Secretary Arne Duncan in 2011.  This opportunity led to his creation of the Wyoming Education Summit. In guiding teachers through this experience, he had many opportunities to lead discourse, speak, and write about effective teaching. Diaz has also met with state legislators to communicate teachers’ voice in effort to inform education policy. He serves on several advisory committees in my school and district. I am active in the WY School-University Partnership and contribute to their effort to align biology curricula in WY. I represented Wyoming at the National Network for Education Renewal 2012 Summer Symposium.

Affiliations: National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, National Network for Education Renewal, Wyoming National Board Certification Initiative, Wyoming School-University Partnership, Natrona County Gifted and Talented Advisory Committee

Areas of Interest/Expertise:

  • Teacher Preparation, Effectiveness, and Leadership
  • STEM Master Teacher Corp
  • Teacher - Scientist Collaboration
  • School – University Partnerships

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Last Modified: 08/08/2013