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The State Flexibility Authority program (State-Flex) is a program that authorizes the Secretary to grant flexibility authority to up to seven eligible State educational agencies (SEAs). With this authority, an SEA may (1) consolidate and use certain Federal funds reserved for State administration and State-level activities for any educational purpose authorized under the ESEA; (2) specify how local educational agencies (LEAs) in the State use Innovative Program funds under Part A of Title V; and (3) enter into performance agreements with four to ten LEAs in the State, permitting those LEAs to consolidate certain Federal funds and to use those funds for any ESEA purpose consistent with the SEA's State-Flex plan. (Note that "State-Flex" is different from "Ed-Flex," which is a separate program that authorizes the Secretary to delegate waiver authority to eligible SEAs).

State-Flex is not a funding program. Rather, it is a program that allows SEAs to consolidate certain State-level Federal formula funds they already receive. LEAs that enter into local performance agreements with their SEAs also get authority to consolidate certain local-level Federal funds they already receive.

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Last Modified: 05/19/2005