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How Successful Is The Star Schools Program

STAR SCHOOLS ...It Makes a Difference!

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A Principal says:

"The Star Schools program created in teachers and kids a respect for technology and what it could do, the worlds it could open. They were able to enter into realms they never could on our limited budget."

A Student says:

"Our class is graduating soon but we will never forget what Star Schools has taught us . . . I don't know where I would be without it. Even the math shows are great; especially the fraction program, the measurement shows, and the scale lesson. If I never learn anything else, I'm glad I learned from Star Schools."

A Second Grade Teacher says:

"I think that the technology is very important for them to encounter. The idea of a satellite and of being able to communicate immediately with the person who's presenting: they just love that it's live, that it isn't a one-way thing, that they can participate in it."

STAR SCHOOLS ...It Makes a Difference!

What Students Say About Their Star School Projects

"I learn more with Star Schools than doing normal science or math. "

"I like it and it makes me learn and think more! It also makes me smarter and helps me get a better education."

"It helps kids like me learn different things in math. Little boys and girls all over the states enjoy it... that's why they call it TEAMS so the kids could cooperate (sic) with other kids..."

"Our class participated in Science this year. I like when... (the studio teacher) took us on a trip to the Mojave Desert through TV. We measured convection currents. I hope that we can do Science again another year. Thank you for making Star Schools Science possible for students like me."

"The advantages are that it's better than just reading a dull science book. You learn faster, share ideas, work in groups. (do) safe experiments."

"I think the show is cool. I also think it's interesting because we get to do science experiments. The math has been excellent even for me. I don't like math but it has encouraged me and so has the science! Thank you a lot."

STAR SCHOOLS ... It Makes a Difference!

What Teachers and Administrators Say About Their Star Schools Projects

"Such excitement coming from the kids!" "Kids love it! Teachers learn, too!" " It works great! The kids love it and so do the teachers."

"Once teachers hear about it, it takes over like a brush fire!"

"It is a delightful way of inservicing, I think that will be our biggest payoff in the long run."

"It has changed the way I teach. I am much more a facilitator of my students' learning and less of a lecturer. It is the most significant and most powerful of the new technological resources, because it really affects teachers, as well as all students, in a positive, long- lasting way."

"This last school year was my 32nd year in teaching, and I've never had a more exciting year, because of Star Schools. It changed my whole way of teaching and working with the students!"

Our class in Washington, D.C. took part in a national physics program using distance learning accessed through our Star Schools program, and our students were number 1 in the nation!

Our students would not have access to foreign languages, mathematics and science classes, and resources if it weren't for our participation in Star Schools!

"We are in an isolated community. Star Schools brings in the ethnic and cultural diversity we don't have."

"Our high school French students talked with a group of high school students from Versailles, France. Speaking to real French students is very different from practicing conversational French in a textbook. Our students did well in conversing in French and found that there were more similarities than differences between them and the students in France."

STAR SCHOOLS ... It Makes a Difference!

"The Mathematics program is the best thing I've found for teaching my Limited English Proficient students."

"We have come a long way technology implementation from last year because of our Star Schools program."

"The videconference was a real break through for us... It was focused, and the kids were presenting real work and learning."

"Before the Star Schools program, a few staff members used computers ... now its all the teachers. There's a heightened interest in CD-ROM and laserdisk."

"I've got more enthusiasm for resources available through telecommunication."

"In working with Star Schools. there was an excitement. It opened up something (to teachers) to want to do more--teaching could be exciting."

"I do hear feedback...A lot of people at home do tune in during the school day."

"When our student are sick, they watch the program at home! They don't want to miss it!!"

"If we can help, we've got some information to share. Let's say there's a school with an Internet account and they have no idea, what to do with it. I can get them started. We're all learning how to do this at the same time ... I'm hopeful."

"The satisfaction of seeing it all work, it all come together. Seeing the teachers willing to try and to take risks. Star Schools encouraged them to use technology it made an impact. It was a lot better than even my expectations."

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Last Modified: 06/19/2012